Suvi Hassinen: Studies gave good theoretical basis for my work as CEO

BBA, International Business, 2015, Hassisen Veljekset Oy (HAVEL), CEO 

In my work, my areas of responsibility are marketing and development. I take care that everything in the marketing, production and other areas are on track and everyone has the prerequisites to do the job. It is my responsibility to keep track of the development efforts being made, and as a managing director, my job is to be the facilitator and motivator of the company.

During International Business studies I got a good theoretical basis for my job, which gave me a good starting point for my career and professional skills. Our studies covered a wide range of business sectors; This is beneficial to the CEO of a small business, who has to master the business areas as a whole. I learned to think about business from many perspectives, such as economical, strategical, as well as from a marketing perspective. Studying in English also gave me a very solid foundation for using the language and courage to speak it. Many projects during the studies have taught me teamwork, which is important in all interaction and leadership.

suvi hassinen netti

My exchange studies in Germany was a great experience, as I learned different learning styles and the culture of the other country. I definitely recommend to take an exchange period for studies or training abroad during the studies!

Marketing and strategic planning were the most useful studies for my professional life. I hope that I can deepen my knowledge I have learned both at Karelia UAS and work-life. I continue studying on various training courses and later possibly also in professional master’s studies. In my opinion, further training will provide good support for ones professional growth.

I hope my work for our company will affect positively on people around me, and that my own attitude towards life will inspire others. This applies to encouraging my family members in my private life, as well as to maintaining our employees’ motivation and well-being at work.

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