Career monitoring survey for UAS graduates to be launched

Data on the employment, working career and satisfaction with the working career and degree is collected with the nation-wide career monitoring survey. All those who have completed their UAS studies five years ago, i.e. the graduates of 2015, will receive the survey.

The career monitoring survey collects data on graduates’ employment, career paths and competence needed at work. The data is important for those applying for education and students, who are contemplating on their own study and career opportunities. The results provide information on the change of working life for the development of teaching and continuous learning services. In addition, the Ministry of Education and Culture utilizes the data in allocating funds to universities of applied sciences.

Based on the career monitoring survey carried out last year, it is known that 82% of UAS graduates were at least somewhat satisfied with the degree they had completed. Satisfaction with the degree is connected with how well the respondent can utilize the competence acquired at the UAS in their current job, and how the difficulty level of the job corresponds the UAS education.

The target group of the career monitoring survey is those who have graduated from a UAS five years ago.

This year the career monitoring survey will be sent on 15 October by email and SMS to all those who completed a UAS Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in 2015.