Webinar: How to use LinkedIn effec­tively to network­ing and job seeking

Welcome to a webinar:

How to use LinkedIn effec­tively to network­ing and job seeking in Finland

On Wednes­day 9th of Decem­ber at 1:30-3 PM (free of charge)

In this 90-minute train­ing LinkedIn trainer and work psychol­o­gist Juho Toivola ( www.juhotoivola.fi/en/ ) will intro­duce the most impor­tant key LinkedIn prin­ci­ples in build­ing a rele­vant profes­sional network in Finland, and using that network effec­tively for landing a job. The train­ing is intended for inter­na­tional talents with higher education.

The train­ing session consists of the following 

  • how to opti­mize your LinkedIn profile for job seeking in Finland
  • the seven key activ­i­ties of effec­tive use of LinkedIn for employment
  • how to get and use intro­duc­tions for getting in touch with employers
  • how to build and use networks that actu­ally help in getting a job in Finland
  • personal brand­ing as a tool for increas­ing your visi­bil­ity and high­light­ing your expertise
  • how to find a balance between personal and profes­sional appear­ance in Finnish work culture

Got inter­ested? To join the webinar, please enroll your­self on 7th of Decem­ber the latest. https://registration.contio.fi/uef/Registration/Login?id=2130-T_2130-2700

You’ll receive the Zoom-link to join the webinar to your email the day before the webinar.

For more infor­ma­tion, please don’t hesi­tate to contact Kirsi Autio, [email protected]

This train­ing is orga­nized by KOVAT-project, executed by Univer­sity of Eastern Finland and Karelia Univer­sity of Applied Sciences.