Record-high student satis­faction at Karelia UAS

Karelia University of Applied Sciences collects annual feedback from its students. According to the feedback survey conducted this year, the student satis­faction of degree students at Karelia UAS is very good (80 %). The feedback question­naire was answered by first-year, second-year, third-year and fourth-year Bachelor’s degree students and first-year Master’s degree students.

– Since all students, including gradu­ating students, have been partic­i­pating in the survey, the level of satis­faction was now the highest in the history of Karelia UAS. Overall, student satis­faction improved by two percentage points, mainly due to a signif­icant improvement in second-year students’ satis­faction. It is great to see that we have succeeded this well in these excep­tional corona times. I would like to thank our staff and students for their good work and for the smooth intro­duction of new working and studying methods, states Vice President Pekka Auvinen.

The best feedback was provided by Bachelor’s degree students in physio­therapy (satis­faction 86 %), business infor­mation technology (85 %), IB (83 %), forestry (82 %), tourism (81 %) and building services engineering (81 %). The overall feedback from Master’s degree students was very good (satis­faction 93 %). The result improved clearly from previous year’s results and was the best result in the history of Karelia UAS.

Karelia UAS has been collecting feedback from students since 1999. This year’s feedback question­naire was open from 2nd December 2020 to 3rd March 2021. A total of 1,425 responses were received, including 1,337 responses from Bachelor’s degree students and 88 from Master’s degree students. The number of respon­dents was at the same level as in the last few years.