Karelia campuses will be opened in August 2021

We will open the campuses of Karelia in August 2021 and return to in person instruction as widely as possible.

We will ensure regular in person instruction to all groups and students. We will in particular stress contact lessons for students beginning their studies this coming autumn and those who began their studies during the pandemic. We will support students nearing their gradu­ation with special arrange­ments if restric­tions have impeded the normal completion of their studies.

We have prepared for a return to normal regarding inter­na­tional student exchanges and expect inter­na­tional degree students to come to Joensuu in the beginning of the autumn semester.

The devel­opment of the coron­avirus situation is monitored at Karelia UAS on a daily basis. The management meets for a situation analysis regularly and is prepared to take necessary action in order to ensure the safety of UAS activ­ities in all circum­stances. The safety instruc­tions are updated whenever necessary.