Pop up -stand in Pride week in Karelia campuses

There will be equal­ity and diver­sity themed pop up -stand on 23rd of Septem­ber from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the lobby of Wärt­silä campus and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the lobby of Tikkarinne campus. At the pop up -stand you can eval­u­ate the Equal­ity and Diver­sity Plan of Karelia. At the stand you can famil­iar­ize your­self with the LGBTQI+ themed mate­r­ial (mostly in Finnish). 

There will also be Pride flag­ging on Tikkarinne and Wärt­silä campuses from 20th of Septem­ber to 26th of September. 

North Karelia Pride is here again! 

North Karelia Pride is the biggest LGBTQI+ event in Joensuu and whole region. Since it has founded, it has espe­cially been a culture event, focused on queer-culture. Pride-week is orga­nized by North Karelia Seta. See the program here:  

All events follow health safety recom­men­da­tions and the safer space policy. North Karelia Pride is a major human rights event in Eastern Finland.