Results of the library’s competitions

In the library there has been the oppor­tunity to partic­ipate in a compe­tition to guess how many books there are in the library. The number of books on Friday morning 9.9.2022 was 25 545. 

The closest guess was 24 152 volumes by Akseli S. The compe­tition was tight, as the difference between the closest and the next guess was only 62 books! The lowest guess was 120 books and the highest 210 580 books. 78 answers were received. The winner will get a Karelia’s backpack . 

At the opening ceremony of the Karelia UAS, there was at the library’s stand a compe­tition where people could guess the weight of the book “Samppanja”. The compe­tition received 75 answers. 

The weight of the item was 1880 g, and the closest were Milja T. and Juuso L., whose answers were 1850 g. Both won a hoodie. The smallest answer was 470 g and the largest 5700 g. The highest number of guesses (19) was between 500 and 999 g. 

The winners have been informed personally. Congratulations!