The number of appli­cants for inter­na­tional degree programmes doubled at Karelia UAS 

In the first joint spring appli­cation period, which ended on Wednesday 18th January 2023, nearly 4300 appli­cants from Finland and abroad applied to Karelia UAS. There were almost 2000 more appli­ca­tions than in the previous year. Karelia UAS offered three inter­na­tional degree programmes taught in English, for a total of 125 study places. The most popular of these was the Degree Programme in Inter­na­tional Business with 2 400 applicants. 

The new ICT programme attracted applicants 

The Degree Programme in Infor­mation and Commu­ni­cation Technology, which will start for the first time in autumn, got plenty of attention and attracted appli­cants. There were 1 100 applicants. 

— We aimed to attract young people from all over the world to study in Joensuu and also to encourage Finnish students to study in an inter­na­tional study environment. We are pleased with both the number of appli­cants to our new programme and our overall results, says Rector Petri Raivo. 

Karelia UAS inter­ested appli­cants globally 

Karelia UAS received appli­ca­tions from 80 countries all over the world. 

— We are delighted that there was so much interest in Karelia UAS, and it is exciting to see new students who will be selected from the appli­cants. With inter­na­tional students, our insti­tution will become even more inter­na­tional and we will also be better able to meet the labour demand in our region. We hope that future inter­na­tional students will find their career path in North Karelia and integrate into the region, says Sini-Tuuli Saaristo, Inter­na­tional Student Recruitment Coordinator. 

There were also almost three times more Finnish appli­cants than in the previous year. Most Finnish appli­cants came from North Karelia and Uusimaa region. 

Students are mainly selected by certificate-based selection and the joint Inter­na­tional UAS Exam of the univer­sities of applied sciences. Studies will start in the autumn 2023.