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Karelia University of Applied Sciences launches extensive educa­tional cooper­ation with Uzbekistan

Karelia UAS launches educa­tional cooper­ation with the new Nordic Inter­na­tional University in Tashkent, Uzbek­istan. Three inter­na­tional degree programmes of Karelia UAS will be launched at the university so that the teachers are local, but the contents of the education are from Karelia UAS. The cooper­ation agreement also includes other measures for devel­oping the Nordic Inter­na­tional University according to educa­tional models applied at Finnish univer­sities of applied sciences.

The official agreement on educa­tional cooper­ation was signed between Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Nordic Inter­na­tional University on 21th February, during the celebration of Finnish education. The event was also part of the Minister of Devel­opment Cooper­ation and Foreign Trade of Finland Ville Skinnar’s visit to Uzbekistan.

Karelia UAS is the first Finnish higher education insti­tution to have such compre­hensive, high-level cooper­ation with the educa­tional sector in Uzbekistan.

– This cooper­ation has been prepared for over two years. With this agreement, we will educate Uzbek teachers and the university management according to Finnish standards. The university will use our contents of education, our methods, as well as our management and quality systems, states President Petri Raivo.  

– The English-mediated degrees are the same as we have on our Joensuu campus, i.e. Inter­na­tional Business, Indus­trial Management, and Infor­mation and Commu­ni­cation Technology, lists President Raivo. 

Uzbek­istan is currently imple­menting major educa­tional reforms, and the Nordic Inter­na­tional University founded last autumn is an essential part of this reform. The Nordic Inter­na­tional University will be a new, innov­ative and compre­hensive educa­tional cluster based on modern higher education compe­tence from Finland and other Nordic countries. Uzbek­istan aims to create a modern educa­tional cluster in Tashkent.

– This cooper­ation is a signif­icant strategic partnership that supports Uzbekistan’s higher education reform. Thanks to Karelia’s partnership, Nordic Inter­na­tional University will become a model university whose university of applied sciences features can be learned from by others, empha­sizes Nordic Inter­na­tional University’s board chairman, Finland’s honorary consul in Uzbek­istan, Alisher Juraev.

The Nordic Inter­na­tional University already has a number of Finnish business and education partners. Karelia UAS is the only Finnish university partner so far.