Greet­ings from The President

Dear new student,

I’d like to congrat­u­late you once more for receiv­ing a study place at Karelia UAS. You can be satis­fied and happy with your choice.

I sincerely hope that you get on well, give feed­back and take actively part in the conver­sa­tion making our educa­tion and research commu­nity even better. Further­more, I wish that you would join POKA student union to make a contri­bu­tion to student life and the devel­op­ment of our university.

Life, espe­cially student life, is not just about educa­tion and studies, but should also encom­pass relax­ation and free-time activ­i­ties. I’m confi­dent that North Karelia as a region and Joensuu as an attrac­tive student city can provide you with a context for stim­u­lat­ing studies and mean­ing­ful leisure activities.

Do also keep in mind that the entrance exam is often the tough­est of all tests and exam­i­na­tions. Once you’ve now been admit­ted and continue to work hard, your studies will surely progress well and the univer­sity degree and your place in working life will soon come into view.

Enjoy your studies!

Petri Raivo