Greetings from The President

Dear new student,

I’d like to congrat­ulate you once more for receiving a study place at Karelia UAS. You can be satisfied and happy with your choice.

I sincerely hope that you get on well, give feedback and take actively part in the conver­sation making our education and research community even better. Furthermore, I wish that you would join POKA student union to make a contri­bution to student life and the devel­opment of our university.

Life, especially student life, is not just about education and studies, but should also encompass relax­ation and free-time activ­ities. I’m confident that North Karelia as a region and Joensuu as an attractive student city can provide you with a context for stimu­lating studies and meaningful leisure activities.

Do also keep in mind that the entrance exam is often the toughest of all tests and exami­na­tions. Once you’ve now been admitted and continue to work hard, your studies will surely progress well and the university degree and your place in working life will soon come into view.

Enjoy your studies!

Petri Raivo