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Student satis­faction in Karelia is the best in history

Based on the feedback survey carried out this year, the student satis­faction of students completing a degree at Karelia University of Applied Sciences was 83 %. A total of 1,674 responses were received to the survey, of which 1,610 were from students with a Bachelor´s degree and 64 from students with a Master’s degree.

– We have collected feedback from students since 1999. This year’s student satis­faction is the best result in the history of our University of Applied Sciences. Student satis­faction improved overall by four percentage points, and the students were the most satisfied with the imple­men­tation of the education and the curricula. A big thank you goes to the staff and students for this, says Pekka Auvinen, vice-rector of Karelia.

The feedback regarding Master´s degree studies was overall very good, no less than 91 %, and the result improved by four percentage points.

The survey collects feedback on curricula, the imple­men­tation of education, the guidance of learning and the devel­opment of compe­tence. Karelia makes use of the feedback when devel­oping the activ­ities of various training courses.