The actions and goals of Karelia’s sustainable devel­opment and respon­si­bility have been compiled into a programme for the higher education community 

The sustainable devel­opment and respon­si­bility programme of the Karelia UAS community has been published. Respon­si­bility is one of our three values. The will to act as an employer and as a higher education community respon­sibly and promoting sustainable devel­opment is based on our values ​​and strategy. We have also defined the UN’s Sustainable Devel­opment Goals, which we promote through our strategic choices. 

– The program fits tightly into our strategy. Karelia builds a more sustainable society through education and research, devel­opment and innovation (RDI). We can achieve this together with our competent and sustainable values-based higher education community, says Rector Petri Raivo. 

In Karelia’s program, we take into account the ecological, social & cultural and economic dimen­sions from the perspective of our higher education community, educa­tional activ­ities as well as research, devel­opment and innovation activ­ities. The programme has been built since spring 2022 with a pilot group of management and personnel, and at the end of 2022 all personnel and students had the oppor­tunity to partic­ipate in the devel­opment of the programme. 

The programme is a tabular workbook, the imple­men­tation of which we constantly evaluate. We update the programme annually, taking into account the measures taken and devel­opment targets. Karelia’s sustainable devel­opment and respon­si­bility group will update the programme and coordinate its implementation. 

The programme can be found here on our website