Fri 24.11.: Library’s customer service is closed

Changes to library’s service hours:

On Friday 24.11.:

Customer service will be closed (we will partic­i­pate in the Karelia UAS Strat­egy Day).

Self-service library is open as usual. Check all the opening hours from Karelia-Finna.

To be able to borrow printed mate­ri­als from the library during the Self-Service Library hours, please make sure that you:

  • have a valid library card (in Tuudo or plastic one) and customer infor­ma­tion to our library
    If you do not yet have a library card, please regis­ter as a customer 
    • either in the Tuudo app (Karelia students/staff), see instruc­tions here
    • or by filling in the regis­tra­tion form before visit­ing the library (other customers or if you do not wish to use an elec­tronic library card)

  • do not have fees of 10 euro (or more) in your customer account
    You can pay your fees online on Karelia-Finna when you log in.
    If you are unsure how to pay, please contact the library at kirjasto(a) For more infor­ma­tion, please visit the library’s website: >> Fees and fines.

You can always return your loans via the auto­mated book return machine outside the library.