Active Ageing in Age Friendly Society

Enhance quality of life of older people by Active Ageing Approach!

Online, Scope 5 ECTS (1 ECTS=27 hours)


Enhance quality of life of older people by Active Aging approach through under­standing the political, societal and cultural concepts, foundation, deter­mi­nants, challenges, and the impact of aging processes! You can implement and promote health, well-being and functional ability among older people using an active ageing approach.


• Concepts of active ageing and relation­ships between welfare and health promotion and rehabilitation

• Methods of promotion of active ageing in employment and daily life, globally and at national level

• Deter­mi­nants, challenges and political agenda of Active Ageing approach

• Multi-profes­sion­alism and new paradigms in the Active Ageing approach

Target audience

• For business: Experts working in the field of health, social care and rehabil­i­tation, or others

• For education: Health, social care, rehabil­i­tation and related background master’s students and professionals

Avail­ability Autumn semester yearly and upon request

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