Career planning

Career counselling services and support for employment

Career planning services are meant for Karelia UAS degree students and alumnies. The student who is about to finish one´s studies can seek support to gradute and employment. Career counsellors offers special/extra career-coaching and support for employment.

Services for regional companies and organizations offers several possibilities to meet and recruit students during the academic year. We organize career and recruiment fairs, where companies and organizations have the possibility to meet and recruite future experts, trainees or offer development projects and topic for thesis work.

Employer! Inform about open positions, internships, and themes for development projects or thesis work using the  Opiskelijatöihin — service

Career services 

Intensive career counselling

- stenghtens students career- and workinglife skills
- supports students graduating on schedule
- supports students entering to workinglife and employment
- career counselling does not give answers, instead counselling supports the student to find his/her own ideas and to make his/her own plans and decisions
- career counselling helps the student considerate options and possibilities

Intensive career counselling is designed for those students who are at the end of their studies and they have challenges to finish cources and/or they have not found the working placement yet. Student can ask for intensive career counselling by him/herself or with studycounsellors help. Counselling is confidential, target oriented (face to face?) discussion based, which aim is  with the student to find out his/her situation and agree upon targets for the counselling process. Each counselling process includes 1–3 appointments á 60 min. Counselling includes discussions and target orientated assignments.

For independent career planning you can find help from following the sites :

  • career planning 
  • recognition your existing knowledge and competence
  • workplacements and different application channels 
  • legislation and of workinglife rules 
  • how to use sosial media for job seeking 
  • work searching skills 

Career coaches 

Satu Saarinen, satu.saarinen(at)

Student! If you are at the end of your studies and you want support for your career planning and job serch, contact us.

Services for Immigrants

SIMHE-Karelia serves the immigrants living in the area of Eastern Finland. The guidance and counselling services of SIMHE-Karelia consist of information distribution on the higher education system in Finland and on the application opportunities and practices. The staff of SIMHE-Karelia also provide personal guidance related to study opportunities for immigrants interested in higher education studies. In addition, support will be provided regarding the practices used in the recognition of prior learning as well as guidance in career planning for those immigrants who have already completed some higher education studies before.
At SIMHE-Karelia guidance and counselling is provided by Cousellors Hannele Niskanen and Kirsi Autio.
You can receive personal guidance by sending email to or phone +358505750823
Find more information on our webpages: Guidance services for immigrants
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Hannele Niskanen
Project Manager
Kirsi Autio