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Career Services

Career coach­ing services 

Career coach­ing services are meant for Karelia UAS degree students. The student who is about to finish one´s study can seek support to grad­u­ate and employ­ment. Career coaches offer indi­vid­ual coach­ing and support for employ­ment and further studies.

Career Services provide

  1. Indi­vid­ual career coach­ing (you have to book an appointment)
  2. A walk-in hour in the Campus hallway
  3. Pop-up career work­shops, thematic weeks
  4. Intern­ships, job posi­tions, and thesis topics in Tuudo

Indi­vid­ual career coach­ing is designed for those students who are at the end of their studies and they have ques­tions about their future careers. Those ques­tions could be e.g. where can I find a job or what kind of further studies could be useful for me? A student can ask for career coach­ing by him/herself or with the help of study coun­selors. Coach­ing is confi­den­tial, discus­sion-based, and target-orien­tated which aim is to find out his/her situ­a­tion and agree upon targets for the coach­ing process. Coach­ing includes discus­sions and target-orien­tated assign­ments. Indi­vid­ual career coaching

  • strength­ens student’s career and working life skills
  • supports students grad­u­at­ing on schedule
  • supports students enter­ing working life and employment
  • supports the student to find his/her ideas and to make his/her plans and decisions
  • helps the student consid­er­ate options and possibilities

Career Coaches 

Niina Penna­nen ja Satu Saari­nen
Contact us by email [email protected]

Career Coach´s Walk-in hour 

Walk-in hour is meant for all Kare­lian degree students. You can bring your CV, job application/cover letter, or Linkedin profile to Career Coach for comments. Also, a short discus­sion about an issue that is puzzling you is possi­ble. Topics could be e.g. finding an intern­ship, job hunting, further studies, or deci­sion making in choos­ing the courses. You don´t have to book an appoint­ment before­hand. Welcome!
Time: every Tuesday at 12-13
Place: Wärt­silä Campus main hall

Services for Immigrants

SIMHE-Karelia serves the immi­grants living in the area of Eastern Finland. The guid­ance and coun­selling services of SIMHE-Karelia consist of infor­ma­tion distri­b­u­tion on the higher educa­tion system in Finland and on the appli­ca­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties and prac­tices. The staff of SIMHE-Karelia also provide personal guid­ance related to study oppor­tu­ni­ties for immi­grants inter­ested in higher educa­tion studies. In addi­tion, support will be provided regard­ing the prac­tices used in the recog­ni­tion of prior learn­ing as well as guid­ance in career plan­ning for those immi­grants who have already completed some higher educa­tion studies before. 

At SIMHE-Karelia guid­ance and coun­selling is provided by Taru Väisä­nen. You can book an appoint­ment to receive personal guid­ance by sending email to [email protected] or by calling +358 50 413 8260.

Find more infor­ma­tion on our webpages: Guid­ance services for immi­grants and https://www.facebook.com/simhekarelia/