Career Services

Career coaching services 

Career coaching services are meant for Karelia UAS degree students. The student who is about to finish one´s study can seek support to graduate and employment. Career coaches offer individual coaching and support for employment and further studies.

Career Services provide

  1. Individual career coaching (you have to book an appointment)
  2. A walk-in hour in the Campus hallway
  3. Pop-up career workshops, thematic weeks
  4. Intern­ships, job positions, and thesis topics in Tuudo

Individual career coaching is designed for those students who are at the end of their studies and they have questions about their future careers. Those questions could be e.g. where can I find a job or what kind of further studies could be useful for me? A student can ask for career coaching by him/herself or with the help of study counselors. Coaching is confi­dential, discussion-based, and target-orien­tated which aim is to find out his/her situation and agree upon targets for the coaching process. Coaching includes discus­sions and target-orien­tated assign­ments. Individual career coaching

  • strengthens student’s career and working life skills
  • supports students gradu­ating on schedule
  • supports students entering working life and employment
  • supports the student to find his/her ideas and to make his/her plans and decisions
  • helps the student consid­erate options and possibilities

Career Coaches 

Niina Pennanen ja Satu Saarinen
Contact us by email [email protected]

Career Coach´s Walk-in hour 

Walk-in hour is meant for all Karelian degree students. You can bring your CV, job application/cover letter, or Linkedin profile to Career Coach for comments. Also, a short discussion about an issue that is puzzling you is possible. Topics could be e.g. finding an internship, job hunting, further studies, or decision making in choosing the courses. You don´t have to book an appointment beforehand. Welcome!
Time: every Tuesday at 12-13
Place: Wärtsilä Campus main hall


Tuudo Recruitment Fair
Time: 16th to 22nd Jan
Place: Tuudo app

Students can partic­ipate in the recruitment fair using their Tuudo app wherever and whenever – even in the middle of the night, between lectures or while having lunch. Finding inter­esting part time job oppor­tu­nities, training positions or employers has never been easier. There will be an employers around Finland.

More infor­mation coming up in January. Check out the story of last year’s fair here.

Pestuu Joensuu event – recruitment tour in Joensuu and surrounding areas
Time: 21st Feb at 12-15
Place: Joensuu Areena

For independent career planning 

You will find help for following themes

  • career planning 
  • recog­nition your existing knowledge and competence
  • work place­ments and different appli­cation channels 
  • legis­lation and of working life rules 
  • how to use sosial media for job seeking 
  • work searching skills 

Services for Immigrants

SIMHE-Karelia serves the immigrants living in the area of Eastern Finland. The guidance and counselling services of SIMHE-Karelia consist of infor­mation distri­b­ution on the higher education system in Finland and on the appli­cation oppor­tu­nities and practices. The staff of SIMHE-Karelia also provide personal guidance related to study oppor­tu­nities for immigrants inter­ested in higher education studies. In addition, support will be provided regarding the practices used in the recog­nition of prior learning as well as guidance in career planning for those immigrants who have already completed some higher education studies before. 

At SIMHE-Karelia guidance and counselling is provided by Kirsi Autio. You can receive personal guidance by sending email to [email protected]. or phone +358 50 467 9219 

Find more infor­mation on our webpages: Guidance services for immigrants and