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Entre­pre­neur­ship and Innovations

Would you like to become an entre­pre­neur? Do you already have a busi­ness of your own? Karelia Entre­pre­neur­ship Path helps you to combine studies with devel­op­ment of your own busi­ness idea.

Karelia Entre­pre­neur­ship Path

Below you will find services and study possi­bil­i­ties avail­able for all students. They are cate­go­rized accord­ing to the differ­ent phases of the entre­pre­neur­ship path:

  1. I need a busi­ness idea
  2. I have a busi­ness idea but I don’t know if it is realistic
  3. I have a tested busi­ness idea, but I haven’t started a busi­ness yet
  4. I have a regis­tered business

What is your path to entre­pre­neur­ship? Contact your study coun­sel­lor and find out how you can combine studies with entrepreneurship.

I need a busi­ness idea

Epic Chal­lenge Joensuu Studies

Through Epic Chal­lenge studies you will learn a set of team-based product devel­op­ment methods and tech­niques used at NASA. The studies offer a great possi­bil­ity to find a busi­ness idea of your own.

Inno­va­tion Month® Studies

In the Inno­va­tion Month® study module you will develop a busi­ness idea together with your team.

I have a busi­ness idea but I don’t know if it is realistic

Draft Program®

From the Draft Program you can get funding for testing and devel­op­ing a busi­ness idea of your own. Appli­ca­tion day is orga­nized 3 times a year. The approved teams will receive EUR 1000 devel­op­ment funding each.

Joensuu Science Park Busi­ness Incu­ba­tor: Busi­ness idea assessment

Busi­ness idea assess­ment involves exam­i­na­tion of the busi­ness idea in general and its matu­rity. Does the idea have busi­ness potential?

I have a tested busi­ness idea, but I haven’t started a busi­ness yet

Joensuu Science Park Busi­ness Incu­ba­tor: Pre-incubator

A busi­ness plan based on describ­ing the busi­ness model is drawn up for the busi­ness idea. The plan includes a descrip­tion of the busi­ness and calcu­la­tions concern­ing the future of the busi­ness. If the simu­la­tion indi­cates that there is poten­tial for prof­itable busi­ness, a company is estab­lished and activ­i­ties move on to the incu­ba­tor phase.

I have a regis­tered business

Joensuu Science Park Busi­ness Incu­ba­tor: Incu­ba­tor phase

The company activ­i­ties are subjected to spar­ring, with assis­tance provided in market­ing, sales, corpo­rate finances and financ­ing, admin­is­tra­tion and other prac­ti­cal start-up matters. Diverse train­ing gives entre­pre­neurs the skills needed for success­ful busi­ness. The incu­ba­tor lays a strong foun­da­tion for devel­op­ing and growing the busi­ness. The incu­ba­tor phase lasts 1-3 years.

Contact details

Heikki Immonen
Prin­ci­pal Lecturer of Entre­pre­neur­ship
Tel. +358 50 310 9657

Students: Contact your study coun­sel­lor to receive more infor­ma­tion about combin­ing studies with entrepreneurship!