Game Development Education

Game Development Education

Karelia Expertise Solution in Game Development Education

Karelia UAS offers the Karelia expertise solution in game development education in co-operation with Joensuu Science Park and North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium.


The aim of the Karelia expertise solution in game development education is to:

  • apply Scandinavian pedagogical expertise, approaches, solutions and best practices both in game development education and in entrepreneurship in the target country context
  • provide the institutions with the scheme and abilities to start developing its own educational and pedagogical system that is project based
  • create functional curricula with well-defined professional competences and high level working life relevance
  • share the best practices for setting up well defined Game Lab environment for teaching the students in real game productions
  • provide knowhow in developing games for different platforms
  • to share and create learning material for future entrepreneurs (e.g. game publishing, game marketing, project management, agreements and other legal issues, game design, game testing)
To Whom

The programme is planned for teachers and other experts (e.g. directors, supervisors) of educational institutions.


Karelia Expertise solution takes into account the following principles: 

  • Project-centered approach
  • Working life-oriented education
  • Competence-based curricula
  • Path of entrepreneurship for students
  • Coaching method

The programme includes background analysis, training, support and consulting. The programme is flexible and the implementation is modified uniquely following the client’s exact needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more information.

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