More Stu­dy Pos­si­bi­li­ties

More Stu­dy Pos­si­bi­li­ties

Con­ti­nuing Pro­fes­sio­nal Educa­tion

Kare­lia UAS cons­tant­ly offers con­ti­nuing educa­tion in dif­fe­rent fields both as short one-day cour­ses and as lon­ger semi­nars. Con­ti­nuing educa­tion is open to eve­ry­one inte­res­ted, and the par­tici­pants are taken in the order of regi­stra­tion.
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Labour Mar­ket Trai­ning

The pur­po­se of labour mar­ket trai­ning is to upgra­de and main­tain adults’ pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­tencies. This trai­ning is desig­ned pri­ma­ri­ly for adults who are unemplo­yed or under the threat of beco­ming unemplo­yed and who have comple­ted com­pul­so­ry educa­tion. The objec­ti­ve of labour mar­ket trai­ning is to impro­ve the par­tici­pants’ chances of fin­ding work. It is often con­ti­nuing and furt­her educa­tion for the pro­fes­sio­nal skills acqui­red ear­lier. It is prac­tical in natu­re and in most cases inclu­des on-the-job lear­ning.

Fun­ded by the labour admi­ni­stra­tion, labour mar­ket trai­ning is pro­vi­ded free of char­ge to the par­tici­pants. For labour mar­ket trai­ning par­tici­pants can recei­ve trai­ning allowance, which is equal to the unemplo­y­ment allowance, or labour mar­ket sub­si­dy. Applica­tion for labour mar­ket trai­ning is via the Emplo­y­ment and Eco­no­mic Deve­lop­ment Office, which also per­forms stu­dent selec­tion.

Hig­her Educa­tion Network

Hig­her Educa­tion Network in North Kare­lia ope­ra­tes in Cent­ral Kare­lia, Upper Kare­lia, Liek­sa, Juu­ka, Ilo­mant­si, Outo­kum­pu and Pol­vi­jär­vi. The stu­dy oppor­tu­ni­ties are flexibly avai­lable to all North Kare­lians irres­pec­ti­ve of time and place.

ISAT cross ins­ti­tu­tio­nal stu­dies

Wit­hin the fra­mework of the coo­pe­ra­tion of the Uni­ver­si­ties of Applied Sciences in Eas­tern Fin­land (ISAT), the stu­dents of both ins­ti­tu­tions who are regis­te­red as pre­sent in a bac­he­lor or mas­ter-level degree pro­gram­me have a right to apply for stu­dies in the other ISAT part­ner ins­ti­tu­tion. Howe­ver, the first-semes­ter stu­dents in bac­he­lor-level pro­gram­mes are not eli­gible to apply. Stu­dents taking cross-ins­ti­tu­tio­nal stu­dies are enrol­led as stu­dents of the Open UAS.

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