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Continuing Profes­sional Education

Karelia UAS constantly offers continuing education in different fields both as short one-day courses and as longer seminars. Continuing education is open to everyone inter­ested, and the partic­i­pants are taken in the order of regis­tration.
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Labour Market Training

The purpose of labour market training is to upgrade and maintain adults’ profes­sional compe­tencies. This training is designed primarily for adults who are unemployed or under the threat of becoming unemployed and who have completed compulsory education. The objective of labour market training is to improve the partic­i­pants’ chances of finding work. It is often continuing and further education for the profes­sional skills acquired earlier. It is practical in nature and in most cases includes on-the-job learning.

Funded by the labour admin­is­tration, labour market training is provided free of charge to the partic­i­pants. For labour market training partic­i­pants can receive training allowance, which is equal to the unemployment allowance, or labour market subsidy. Appli­cation for labour market training is via the Employment and Economic Devel­opment Office, which also performs student selection.

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