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Contin­u­ing Profes­sional Education

Karelia UAS constantly offers contin­u­ing educa­tion in differ­ent fields both as short one-day courses and as longer semi­nars. Contin­u­ing educa­tion is open to every­one inter­ested, and the partic­i­pants are taken in the order of regis­tra­tion.
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Labour Market Training

The purpose of labour market train­ing is to upgrade and main­tain adults’ profes­sional compe­ten­cies. This train­ing is designed primar­ily for adults who are unem­ployed or under the threat of becom­ing unem­ployed and who have completed compul­sory educa­tion. The objec­tive of labour market train­ing is to improve the partic­i­pants’ chances of finding work. It is often contin­u­ing and further educa­tion for the profes­sional skills acquired earlier. It is prac­ti­cal in nature and in most cases includes on-the-job learning.

Funded by the labour admin­is­tra­tion, labour market train­ing is provided free of charge to the partic­i­pants. For labour market train­ing partic­i­pants can receive train­ing allowance, which is equal to the unem­ploy­ment allowance, or labour market subsidy. Appli­ca­tion for labour market train­ing is via the Employ­ment and Economic Devel­op­ment Office, which also performs student selection.

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