Price List

from 1.3.2020
Overdue fines
general collection, journals and other material 0,20 €/item/day
course books 1 €/item/day
Patron will be suspended from borrowing when amount of unpaid fees exceeds 10 €.
request fee (pick up from shelf) 1 €
uncollected request 1 €
Request must be cancelled at the latest on the last expiration date mentioned in item available notice.
Restoration of borrowing rights
If you do not return the item after the overdue notice, your borrowing rights will be suspended. You will be notified of the suspension by mail. Restoring your borrowing rights will cost 10 €. Library will invoice unpaid overdue fines and other fees. The invoicing fee 5 € will be added if invoiced sum is under 20 €.
Compensation for lost or damaged items
Instead of paying for an unreturned or lost item, you may replace it with an equivalent one.
Compensation fees:
thesis 50 €
book > the list price of the bookshop
if not definable 50 €
copy of journal or periodical 10 €
audio-visual material 50 €
Your right to borrow library materials will be suspended until requested fees are paid.
Library card
first library card free of charge
new library card as a replacement for a lost card 5 €
A4 black-white (interlibrary loans) 0,10 €/page
A4 color (interlibrary loans) 0,50 €/page
For Karelia UAS students » free of charge if you bring copying papers of your own.
A4 paper 0,10 €/page
A3 paper 0,20 €/page
Used books for sale 0,50 — 5 €
Invoicing fee 5 €
The fee will be added if invoiced sum is under 20 €.