Services for Immigrants

Karelia University of Applied Sciences provides counselling and guidance, education and workshops for highly educated immigrants. The aim is to help them to find study oppor­tu­nities in higher education and to produce services that facil­itate the process of integration.

Guidance and Counselling Service SIMHE-Karelia

The staff of SIMHE-Karelia provide personal guidance for immigrants inter­ested in higher education studies. In addition, support will be provided regarding the practices used in the recog­nition of prior learning as well as guidance in career planning for those immigrants who have already completed some higher education studies before.

SIMHE-Karelia guidance and counselling can help you if:

  • You need infor­mation on applying to Univer­sities or Univer­sities of Applied Sciences
  • you need to know different studying possi­bil­ities for you
  • you need to know how your previous education and compe­tencies can be recog­nised in Finland
  • you need help in planning your career
  • you need more infor­mation on Finnish language studies

In your first contact, disclose your educa­tional background and interests, for example:

  • earlier studies and what stage they are at
  • your degree, language skills
  • how long you have lived in Finland
  • what kind of educa­tional interest you have

You can get personal guidance by sending the email to: [email protected] or filling in a counselling request form from here The counsellor informs you time and place of the meeting. Guidance meetings can be done as face to face meetings or as online meetings (Teams or Skype).

See the video about SIMHE services from HERE

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Finnish national agency for Education: SIMHE services at higher education institutions

Education for Immigrants

Higher Education Preparatory Programme for Immigrants

Karelia University of Applied Sciences provides Preparatory studies for Higher Education for Immigrants. Studies are conducted in Finnish language. You can apply to these studies if your Finnish language skills are at B1 level and you have eligi­bility to apply to Higher Education. The next education time is 1.11.2021 – 30.4.2022.

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