Simulation Services

Simulation is the imitation of reality with the simulated events taking place in a pre-defined way. It is a great way to learn both technical skills and non-technical skills, such as multi-profes­sional team work, inter­per­sonal skills, leadership, decision-making, situa­tional awareness and management of a situation.

Advan­tages of simulation learning are for example:

  • safe learning environment and atmosphere
  • learning through experi­ences of succeeding
  • repeata­bility
  • instant feedback

Simula learning environment

The modern dynamic learning environment of Karelia UAS is called Simula. Simula utilizes high technology  wireless patient simulators as well as audio-visual equipment for recording. Simula’s facil­ities turn into a clinic, home, ward or scene of an accident according to the educa­tional needs of the moment.

Simula is an excellent learning environment for example for:

  • Patient service and care
  • Situa­tions threat­ening a patient’s life
  • First aid and resuscitation
  • Threat­ening situa­tions at home
  • Disasters
  • Different patient treatment situations
  • Team work
  • Challenging management situations
  • Meeting proce­dures

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