Tuudo for students

Tuudo appli­cation is launched on 22nd March 2021. Tuudo makes the everyday routines of higher education students easier. 

You can access some of the features of Tuudo already now, but some of us have to wait for the schedules to appear in Tuudo; about 30 % of students will have access to their schedules in Tuudo in March and the rest in the autumn semester. Many other activ­ities in Tuudo are also improved during the first few weeks.

You can find the following most important student services in Tuudo:

• Record of credits

• Automat­i­cally generated schedules

• Karelia UAS news and events (news are imported from Pakki student portal and Karelia UAS website)

• Menus for student restau­rants (including Solina and UEF restau­rants, Wire is closed)

• Schedules for public transport

• Electronic library card >> Watch the guide video from here.

• Campus maps

• Search for Karelia UAS personnel and services 

Tuudo is free of charge and you can start using it by downloading it from the app store. Tuudo works on both Android and iOS. When logging into Tuudo for the first time, use your Karelia UAS username and password or your own bank codes to access the service. No login is required after that.

Tuudo reminds you of your schedules and important messages with push notifi­ca­tions. If you wish, you can prevent the notifi­ca­tions from appearing in the settings of your mobile phone.

More infor­mation on Tuudo:

Tuudo homepage

Just Tuudo it!
Karelia UAS Tuudo team (contact person: Commu­ni­ca­tions Manager Rauno Jussila, (viestinta@karelia.fi)