Campuses of Karelia UAS


Campuses of Karelia University of Applied ScienceKarelia UAS operates in Joensuu on two main campuses. The campuses are multi-field learning and development environments that enable study possibilities across the boundaries of different degree programmes.

At the Wärtsilä Campus International Business, Business Economics, Tourism, Forestry and Engineering students work towards their professional future. At Tikkarinne Campus study Nursing, Physiotherapy, Social Services, Social and Health Care students. Tikkarinne is located close to city hospital in Niinivaara.

The campuses are near to each other and easily reached by walk or bicycle. At our campuses, you will enjoy a relaxed and warm learning environment and you will be part of our supportive community.  You can easily access our campuses from all parts of the city by bike and bus.

Our campuses are modern; the wireless internet access as well as group work and computing facilities enable you to study efficiently during your days. Our Campus facilities offer you versatile places for independent studies. Also, our students' safety is our priority: The security system is operates around the clock and yet is flexible enough to allow students to work on campus premises as late as 9 pm in the evening.

The library is located in Tikkarinne Campus with sufficient self-study room and thousand of ebook resources for research. Our librarians support students in making searches and loans. Besides Karelia UAS Library your library card is eligible in Joensuu City Library and UEF Library with even larger knowledge resources.

The Campus restaurant provides you with warm and affordable breakfast, lunch and snacks at low student prices. (in English).

Student Health Care is always available for basic health issues with modern facilities and wholehearted care from our nurses. For more detail  information, please check at Student Health Care.

You will receive a parking permit on the first day of studies from the campus caretaker.

Locations of Karelia UAS campuses on map

Parking at Wärtsilä campus