Recom­men­dation on the use of face masks at Karelia University of Applied Sciences when social distances are impos­sible to be kept

Recom­men­dation on the use of face masks in North Karelia and Heinävesi regions given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare will enter into force on 10th September 2020. In these regions, it is recom­mended that citizens over the age of 15 wear face masks to protect other people in public transport, where close contacts cannot always be avoided.

To increase safety, the use of face masks on Karelia UAS campuses is also recom­mended in situa­tions when it is not possible to keep safe social distances. The recom­men­dation on the use of face masks will enter into force on Friday, 11th September 2020. Karelia UAS provides masks for students and staff members in such teaching and work situa­tions where safe social distances cannot neces­sarily be maintained. In other situa­tions (e.g. at the restaurant, spending time in common areas on campuses, break rooms and social facil­ities) everyone needs to have their own face masks.

Every one of us can contribute to safety by maintaining social distances, following good hand hygiene, and wearing face masks. You may only enter Karelia UAS premises in full health.

Karelia UAS safety instruc­tions are available at and the instruc­tions are updated whenever necessary.

Infor­mation on the distri­b­ution of face masks for people of limited means: