Recom­men­da­tion on the use of face masks at Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences when social dis­tances are impos­sible to be kept

Recom­men­da­tion on the use of face masks in North Kare­lia and Hei­nä­ve­si regions given by the Fin­nish Ins­ti­tu­te for Health and Wel­fa­re will enter into force on 10th Sep­tem­ber 2020. In the­se regions, it is recom­men­ded that citizens over the age of 15 wear face masks to pro­tect other people in public trans­port, whe­re clo­se con­tacts can­not always be avoided.

To inc­rea­se safe­ty, the use of face masks on Kare­lia UAS cam­puses is also recom­men­ded in situa­tions when it is not pos­sible to keep safe social dis­tances. The recom­men­da­tion on the use of face masks will enter into force on Fri­day, 11th Sep­tem­ber 2020. Kare­lia UAS pro­vi­des masks for stu­dents and staff mem­bers in such teac­hing and work situa­tions whe­re safe social dis­tances can­not neces­sa­ri­ly be main­tai­ned. In other situa­tions (e.g. at the res­tau­rant, spen­ding time in com­mon areas on cam­puses, break rooms and social faci­li­ties) eve­ry­one needs to have their own face masks.

Eve­ry one of us can cont­ri­bu­te to safe­ty by main­tai­ning social dis­tances, fol­lowing good hand hygie­ne, and wea­ring face masks. You may only enter Kare­lia UAS pre­mi­ses in full health.

Kare­lia UAS safe­ty instruc­tions are avai­lable at and the instruc­tions are upda­ted whe­ne­ver necessary.

Infor­ma­tion on the distri­bu­tion of face masks for people of limi­ted means:–9‑2020?redirect=%2F