Aging-In-Place in Inter­na­tional Context

Enhance quality of life of older people by Active Ageing Approach!

Online, Scope 5 ECTS (1 ECTS=27 hours)


This course offers a great oppor­tunity to develop your expertise in ageing-in-place and ageing practices. You will gain compe­tences and skills that are applicable in different contexts and grow your global under­standing on ageing.

You can also

  • Learn and apply best practices in multi­cul­tural teamwork and co-creation,
  • Grow profes­sional networks and build under­standing on public and private ageing actors in different settings.


  • Concepts and theory of Ageing-in-Place,
  • Good practices for Ageing-in-Place,
  • Reflec­tions on Ageing-in-Place in different settings,
  • Discus­sions on further devel­opment for Ageing-in-Place.

Target audience

Policy and decision makers, businesses, practi­tioners and educators in the social and health care sector.

Avail­ability Autumn semester yearly and upon request

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Global Education Officer

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