Always check the admis­sion crite­ria of the study programme. If you believe that there has been a mistake in the student selec­tion and the admis­sion crite­ria have not been applied correctly, contact the Admis­sion Services.

If the matter is not cleared, you can do a written, indi­vid­u­al­ized request for recti­fi­ca­tion and may apply for a recti­fi­ca­tion of the deci­sion at the Board of Exam­in­ers. Appeal is to be made within 14 days of the publi­ca­tion of the admis­sion results. 

The request for recti­fi­ca­tion must include the follow­ing information:

  • Full name of the appli­cant and Finnish learner ID number
  • Contact infor­ma­tion: email address, postal address and phone number
  • Iden­tify in your appeal the issue you wish to apply for correc­tion (specify the object for correction)
  • Present the facts you are refer­ring to apply for correc­tion. Write short and clear reasons.

The request for recti­fi­ca­tion must be submit­ted to the follow­ing address: The Board of Exam­in­ers, Karelia UAS, Tikkarinne 9, FI-80200 Joensuu or admissions(at)

The Board of Exam­in­ers convenes when neces­sary during the acad­e­mic year. However, teach­ers’ vaca­tions may prolong the process, espe­cially in the summer.

The higher educa­tion insti­tu­tions will not process a request for recti­fi­ca­tion if it concerns a study option that you have placed lower on your appli­ca­tion than the one you have been accepted to.

Poly­tech­nics Act 57 § (20.3.2015/257)

Karelia Degree Regu­la­tions, 3.2.