Collec­tions and facilities

The library is situ­ated in the Tikkarinne Campus. The customer service is on the 1st floor, next to student restau­rant Solina. Famil­iar­ize your­self with the library’s facil­i­ties and services.

The library offers updated profes­sional and scien­tific infor­ma­tion for Karelia UAS staff and students. Collec­tions of the library consist of books, theses, news­pa­pers, jour­nals, audio­vi­sual mate­ri­als etc. We have both printed and elec­tronic collections.

All the printed collec­tions are located on the library’s 1st floor. Circu­lat­ing mate­r­ial (course books, books of general collec­tion, jour­nals etc.) are placed in their own shelves. Lengths of loan periods varies: course books and jour­nals 14 days, general collec­tion 28 days. Detailed infor­ma­tion of loan periods is shown on Karelia-Finna. Refer­ence library books (non-circu­lat­ing copies of the course books) are also located on the 1st floor. Those copies are not allowed to take outside the library. The self-service lending and return­ing devices are on the library’s 1st floor.

Karelia-Finna elibrary

Library collec­tions can be found on Karelia-Finna. At Finna, you have access to library’s data­bases, ebooks, ejour­nals, dictio­nar­ies etc. and you find infor­ma­tion on library’s printed books and peri­od­i­cals. You can also renew your loans there and make requests.

Off campus use is possi­ble for Karelia UAS students and person­nel by logging in with their personal Karelia UAS network user­name and password.


The library provides access to various ebook services for the students and staff of the Karelia Univer­sity of Applied Sciences. The terms of use, licenses, loan periods and required reading appli­ca­tions vary between differ­ent ebook data­bases. You will find more details and instruc­tions on data­bases’ home pages.

If you have any ques­tions concern­ing ebooks, contact the library.

Find ebooks

Ebooks are avail­able at Karelia-Finna. Off campus use is possi­ble for Karelia students and staff. Some ebooks are linked to Finna, and search results in Finna include access link to ebook. Some ebooks can only be found in ebook data­bases: go to Finna, type data­base name, click ‘data­base inter­face’ to access the data­base to search ebooks.

Avail­abil­ity of ebooks via library:

  • Please note that although an ebook can be purchased by indi­vid­u­als it may not be avail­able for organ­i­sa­tions (libraries).
  • Publish­ers can also restrict the avail­abil­ity of the latest editions of books, and some­times only older editions are avail­able as an ebook.

Terms of use

Terms of use for ebooks and data­bases are defined in license agree­ments. Use is typi­cally restricted for teach­ing, study­ing, research­ing and for private use. Ebooks and data­bases provided by Karelia can not be used for commer­cial purposes.

Study­ing at the library

silent room
Students study­ing in the library’s silent study room.

Silent study room (on the library’s 1st floor) is a place for you, when you need a quiet place to read or study. There are 6 comput­ers and multi­ple study­ing desks without comput­ers in the room. You can’t book a spot from the silent study room.

The wire­less network is avail­able at the library so you can work with your own laptop or device. Read more about the wire­less network from Karelia’s Student Intra.

Famil­iar­ize your­self with the library’s facil­i­ties and services.