Col­lec­tions and facilities

The libra­ry is situa­ted in the Tik­ka­rin­ne Cam­pus. The cus­to­mer ser­vice is on the 1st floor, next to stu­dent res­tau­rant Soli­na. The libra­ry offers upda­ted pro­fes­sio­nal and scien­ti­fic infor­ma­tion for Kare­lia UAS staff and stu­dents. Col­lec­tions of the libra­ry con­sist of books, the­ses, news­pa­pers, jour­nals, audio­vi­sual mate­rials etc. We have both prin­ted and elect­ro­nic collections.

Kare­lia-Fin­na elibrary

Libra­ry col­lec­tions can be found on Kare­lia-Fin­na. At Fin­na, you have access to libra­ry’s data­ba­ses, ebooks, ejour­nals, dic­tio­na­ries etc. and you find infor­ma­tion on libra­ry’s prin­ted books and perio­dicals. You can also renew your loans the­re and make requests.

Off cam­pus use is pos­sible for Kare­lia UAS stu­dents and per­son­nel by log­ging in with their per­so­nal Kare­lia UAS network user­na­me and password.


The libra­ry pro­vi­des access to various ebook ser­vices for the stu­dents and staff of the Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences. The terms of use, licen­ses, loan periods and requi­red rea­ding applica­tions vary between dif­fe­rent ebook data­ba­ses. You will find more details and instruc­tions on data­ba­ses’ home pages.

If you have any ques­tions concer­ning ebooks, con­tact the libra­ry.

Find ebooks

Ebooks are avai­lable at Kare­lia-Fin­na. Off cam­pus use is pos­sible for Kare­lia stu­dents and staff. Some ebooks are lin­ked to Fin­na, and search results in Fin­na inclu­de access link to ebook. Some ebooks can only be found in ebook data­ba­ses: go to Fin­na, type data­ba­se name, click ‘data­ba­se inter­face’ to access the data­ba­se to search ebooks.

To see a list of ebook data­ba­ses go to Fin­na home page and click ‘Ebook databases’.

Avai­la­bi­li­ty of ebooks via library:

  • Plea­se note that alt­hough an ebook can be purc­ha­sed by indi­vi­duals it may not be avai­lable for orga­ni­sa­tions (libra­ries).
  • Publis­hers can also restrict the avai­la­bi­li­ty of the latest edi­tions of books, and some­ti­mes only older edi­tions are avai­lable as an ebook.

Terms of use

Terms of use for ebooks and data­ba­ses are defi­ned in licen­se agree­ments. Use is typical­ly restric­ted for teac­hing, stu­dying, researc­hing and for pri­va­te use. Ebooks and data­ba­ses pro­vi­ded by Kare­lia can not be used for com­mercial purposes.

Stu­dying areas at the library

The­re are 3 group work rooms on the library’s 2nd floor. You can book group work rooms onli­ne (to choo­se English ver­sion click ‘Kie­li’). Plea­se cancel your boo­king is you are not coming.

You can use library’s com­pu­ter lab (on the library’s 2nd floor) whe­ne­ver the­re are no lessons.

Silent stu­dy room (on the library’s 1st floor) is a place for you, when you need a qui­et place to read or stu­dy. The­re are 6 com­pu­ters and mul­tiple stu­dying desks wit­hout com­pu­ters in the room.

The­re is a col­lec­tion of non-circu­la­ting copies of the cour­se books on libra­ry’s 2nd floor. The­se copies are not allowed to take out­si­de the library.

group work room upstairs silent room