Courses for Exchange Students

List of courses suitable for exchange students

Please click the link above for the list of courses in English during the academic year 2023-2024.
Additions, updates and changes are possible.

Select courses worth minimum of 20 ECTS credits per semester. We recommend that you include the course on Finnish language and Culture (LTP7130, 2 ECTS) in your learning agreement.

Karelia has three Bachelor’s Degree Programmes that are instructed fully in English: Inter­na­tional Business, Indus­trial Management, and Infor­mation and Commu­ni­cation Technology (new, starts in Autumn 2023, only 1st-year courses available!). Most of the courses in these programs are available for exchange students.

In addition, Karelia offers two 60 ECTS “special­iza­tions” suitable for 3rd or 4th-year Bachelor-level students who have relevant background studies (e.g. engineering, business, management, forestry, environ­mental sciences). It is also possible to complete only the Autumn semester studies of the special­iza­tions (30 ECTS). The studies are organized jointly by Karelia and other partners in INVEST European University Alliance:

Most of the other Bachelor’s Degree Programmes at Karelia also offer courses and sometimes projects or practical training possi­bil­ities for exchange students. Joint and trans­dis­ci­plinary courses are suitable for all exchange students.

  • Please note that possi­bil­ities for super­vised projects and practical training are limited and not guaranteed to all inter­ested applicants.
  • Most degree programs can accept only exchange students who are enrolled in a similar major at their own university.

The depart­mental inter­na­tional coordi­nators can be contacted with questions related to studies, projects and practical training.

Semester dates for exchange students 2022-2023 and 2023-2024

  • Academic year 2022-2023: Autumn semester: 18.8. – 16.12.2022, Spring semester: 9.1. – 31.5.2023 (minor changes are possible)
  • Academic year 2023-2024: Autumn semester: 17.8. – 15.12.2023, Spring semester: 8.1. – 2.6.2024

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