EXAM — guide

exam the electronic examination system

EXAM — the electronic examination system

The EXAM-room (Tenttitupa):

The EXAM-room (Tenttitupa) is open from Monday to Thursday at 8.00 – 19.00 and on Friday at 8.00 — 18.00. The EXAM-room is located in E226, next to the Tikkarinne campus library.
The main entrance door of Tikkarinne campus, E‑building, is open:
from Monday to Thursday at 7.00 – 18.00
on Friday at 7.00 — 17.00.

During other times, an access badge is needed. Read the instructions below if you need an access badge.

Use of the Exam-room for electronic exams during the coronavirus pandemic:

There are hand sanitizers available in the room. Every person entering and exiting the Exam-room must use the hand sanitizer.

There are cleaners available in the EXAM room for wiping the keyboard, the mouse and the desktop. Remember to clean your spot before and after the exam!

The EXAM room is cleaned regularly so members of staff visit the room during the day. Remember the maintain adequate social distances in the EXAM room! Some computers are not in use at the moment for ensuring adequate social distances.

Follow the guidelines for coughing by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare! Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. Immediately put the used handkerchief in the rubbish bin. If you do not have a handkerchief, cough or sneeze onto the upper part of the sleeve, not into your hands, as the virus may be spread onto the keyboard or onto the mouse from your hands. There are handkerchiefs available in the Exam-room next to the hand sanitizer bottles.

It is forbidden to enter campus premises if you are sick! 
If you become sick, cancel your exam in the EXAM-system.

What is EXAM?

Karelia University of Applied Sciences uses EXAM – the electronic examination system. The aim of the electronic examination system is to increase flexibility in taking course exams, enhance the quality of studies as well as advance graduation. Taking exams in the electronic exam room may decrease anxiety related to exams.

EXAM is an electronic examination system in which exams are taken electronically. There are ten computers in the room, which do not have access to the internet. Use of USB-sticks, CDROMs and proofreading is blocked. The EXAM-room is supervised by real time and recording video surveillance as well as random checks. EXAM enables the students to take course exams and maturity exams electronically. Teachers define which exams can be taken electronically. In addition, the teachers define the time constraints of their exams. An exam that will require books, the internet or drafting paper cannot be taken in EXAM.

How to register?

During his/her first registration, the student must accept The Karelia EXAM Terms of Use. The registration for the exam prepared by the teacher takes place at https://exam.karelia.fi/ . Do not use IE browser.

You can also register by using your mobile phone:

EXAM QR koodi

After registration, the student chooses the suitable time for the exam. A confirmation message is sent to the student’s e‐mail with the information about the exam time and computer reserved for the student. The exams start always on the hour and the student can enter the room five (5) minutes before and 10 minutes past the starting time. The room is available during the opening hours of the campus Mon-Thu 8–19 an Fri 8–18.

The main entrance door of Tikkarinne Campus, E‑building is open from Monday to Thursday at 7.00 – 18.00 and on Friday at 7.00 — 17.00.

It is forbidden to bring phone, papers of other belongings to the EXAM-room. This also applies to snacks and water bottles. Jackets and other belongings can be left in the lockers outside the exam room. It is allowed to take the locker key to the exam room. Work silently in the exam room! There is no speaking allowed in the room. Exiting the exam room during the exam is not allowed. Take your personal photo ID card with you and place it the photo side of the card facing up on the designated area on the table!

Student’s EXAM process

  1. Schedule the time for taking your exam and ensure that the exam can be taken in EXAM.
  2. Study the terms and rules of the electronic exam system and be prepared to act accordingly.
  3. Reserve the exam time and room at the EXAM-system. If you cannot take the exam at the reserved time, please remember to cancel your reservation at the system.
  4. Enter the exam room to take the exam during the booked examination time. Read the room-specific instructions and instructions for problem situations. Remember the video and audio surveillance in the EXAM-room.
  5. Take the exam, remember to save possible attachments and submit your exam. Turn the computer off.
  6. After the teacher has given feedback on the exam, the Exam system will send the results and the feedback to the student’s email address. The teacher will enter the final grade to the study register.

STUDENT, take a training exam!

You can register to a rehearsal exam and take it during a time you choose.

  1. Log in to the EXAM-service with your Karelia UAS username and password.
  2. Select Exams and search for ”Training EXAM”.
  3. Select “Register for the exam” and book a vacant and suitable exam time for yourself.
  4. Select “Confirm exam time”.
Training EXAM

Student’s instructions:

Report problems exam@karelia.fi

Instructions for an EXAM visit

Exam visit means that you take your own university’s exam in another university’s Exam room. Before booking a time for your exam in another university, please check the rules and regulations of that university as well as the opening hours and how to access the EXAM room. Make also sure that the programs you need for the exam are available in the EXAM room. 

Instructions for an EXAM visitors

EXAM system accessibility