Inter­li­brary Loans

Local customers (private persons)

If the book or journal article you are looking for is not part of our library collec­tions or other libraries in Joensuu/North Karelia area (Vaara libraries, UEF Library), you can make an inter­li­brary loan or photo­copy request by email or at library’s service desk (see the service hours).

In the request, give us the most accu­rate infor­ma­tion about the book or article you can, such as 

  • title
  • authors
  • publi­ca­tion year
  • is it a book or an article etc.

Inter­lend­ing and docu­ment supply services are liable to charge:

  • The fee is deter­mined by the deliv­er­ing library (0 – 20 €) (+ 8 € commis­sion from exter­nal customers).

Please notice: We only make inter­li­brary requests from the Finnish libraries. We do not make requests to the libraries abroad.


Libraries can send inter­li­brary loan or photo­copy orders via this elec­tronic form (in Finnish).

  • We do not send course books, refer­ence books or whole jour­nals as inter­li­brary loans. 
  • E-books are not part in the inter­li­brary services.
  • Check the loca­tion and avail­abil­ity from Karelia-Finna.

Notice: We do not send inter­li­brary loans abroad.

Renew­ing inter­li­brary loans:

As a library, you can renew your inter­li­brary loans via Karelia-Finna (login by email). By renew­ing the inter­li­brary loans, you can keep loans 180 days (maximum period).

If you have some­thing to ask, please send email to library(a)