Karelia Peda­Camp


Karelia Peda­Camp is a programme conducted by peda­gog­i­cal experts of Karelia Univer­sity of Applied Sciences (UAS). It provides educa­tional insti­tu­tions a great oppor­tu­nity and high-level exper­tise to improve and develop their peda­gog­i­cal know-how, methods and tools both in theory and practice.

To Whom

Karelia Peda­Camp is planned for teach­ers, direc­tors, prin­ci­pals, super­vi­sors and quality experts of higher educa­tional institutions.


Karelia Peda­Camp is flex­i­ble and the imple­men­ta­tion is modi­fied uniquely follow­ing the client’s exact needs. The key content, methods, length, train­ers and timing are nego­tiable within the Peda­Camp scheme.

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Dr. Liisa Timonen
Head of Inter­na­tional Affairs
+358 50 5913397