Stu­dying at Karelia

Stu­dent life at Kare­lia UAS and Joen­suu is vibrant, fil­led with oppor­tu­ni­ties to stu­dy 24/7. You have also many pos­si­bi­li­ties to spend your free­ti­me in a mea­ning­ful way.

About living in Joen­suu, Finland

Stu­dent benefits

As Kare­lia UAS degree stu­dent you are entit­led to many bene­fits which are avai­lable to degree stu­dents only. They include:

Meal discounts at the University

All degree stu­dents in hig­her educa­tion are eli­gible for discoun­ted meals at par­tici­pa­ting stu­dent res­tau­rants. You can qua­li­fy even if you are not a Fin­nish citizen. The sub­si­dy is deduc­ted from the price of the meal at the stu­dent res­tau­rant. You pay the discoun­ted price. The sub­si­dy is avai­lable for one meal per day. Stu­dent can show a Poka stu­dent card or Kela meal sub­si­dy card (which you can get at Stu­dent Ser­vices) and get the discount for a meal.

Check the menu at Wärt­si­lä Cam­pus restaurant

Stu­dent Card 

POKA is the stu­dent union of Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences. The POKA stu­dent card gives you the right to get at some museums, local shops and res­tau­rants, swim­ming or other sports halls, and at any place that sells tic­kets with stu­dent prices. It is always wise to ask about stu­dent discounts!

The stu­dent card is valid only when a stic­ker for the cur­rent stu­dy year is visible. The stic­kers are avai­lable for a fee from the stu­dent union organization.

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Sports Acti­vi­ties

All uni­ver­si­ty (UEF and Kare­lia) spor­ting ser­vices in Joen­suu for stu­dents and staff mem­bers are uni­ted under the same concept Syket­tä Susi­ra­jal­la! Start a new life – you get a lar­ge varie­ty of sports to try out and con­ti­nue to exerci­se. The fee for the­se faci­li­ties inclu­ding gym and group exerci­ses are much chea­per com­pa­red to local gyms.
About Sport Activities

Sta­te Railways (VR)

Stu­dents recei­ve a discount for train fares from the VR rail­road sys­tem with the issuance of a stu­dent VR card. 

About stu­dent discount in VR website

Natio­nal long-dis­tance coach ser­vice (MATKAHUOLTO)

Stu­dents are entit­led to fare discounts on natio­nal long-dis­tance coac­hes. Stu­dents may also obtain a com­bi­na­tion card for train and bus tra­vel from the “Mat­ka­huol­to” sales offices. 

About stu­dent bene­fit in long-dis­tance coaches

Public trans­port in Joensuu

Wit­hin the Joen­suu region public trans­port, over 25-year-old stu­dents are eli­gible for a discount on tic­kets loa­ded onto Walt­ti cards. Stu­dents youn­ger than 25, may tra­vel with a Youth ticket.

About Joen­suu region public transport