User educa­tion

Kare­lia UAS libra­ry gui­des you to libra­ry use and helps you to start infor­ma­tion ret­rie­vals. We encou­ra­ge you to inde­pen­dent use of libra­ry col­lec­tions and services.

access eresources

Ask gui­dance from libra­ry’s cus­to­mer service:

  • chat in Kare­lia Finna
  • libra­ry’s ser­vice desk at libra­ry (wit­hin its ope­ning hours)
  • email: library(at)
  • WhatsApp/tel: +358 50 311 9545 (wit­hin cus­to­mer ser­vice hours)

Libra­ry also offers focused trai­ning for using infor­ma­tion sources.

  • New stu­dents are welco­me to par­tici­pa­te libra­ry infos and onli­ne cour­se (more info­ma­tion below).
  • The stu­dents wri­ting their the­sis are welco­me to par­tici­pa­te The­sis and Infor­ma­tion search works­hops (more info­ma­tion below).
  • The staff of Kare­lia UAS can ask trai­ning (for them­sel­ves or a stu­dent group) by email: library(at)

For more infor­ma­tion plea­se con­tact: library(at)

See library’s help videos at Kare­lia-Fin­na.

Onli­ne cour­se for libra­ry use and infor­ma­tion search

The Basics of Libra­ry Skills is a self-stu­dy cour­se in Mood­le. 

The self-stu­dy cour­se helps you beco­me fami­liar with the col­lec­tions and ser­vices of Kare­lia UAS Libra­ry and basic infor­ma­tion search tech­niques. You can’t earn ECT cre­dits from this course.

The­sis Works­hops for Busi­ness & IB students

If you need help with your the­sis process (to find the topic, infor­ma­tion sources, wri­ting etc.), you are welco­me to the the­sis works­hops. You will get gui­dance from the­sis instruc­tors, libra­ry, lan­gua­ge teac­hers etc. The­re is no need to enroll on the works­hops. Welcome!

Place: Dyna­mo Loun­ge, Wärt­si­lä Campus

  • Wed 18.11. from 14 to 15

Infor­ma­tion search works­hops in English 

  • Tue 17.11. from 10 to 11 < last day to enroll 13.11.
  • Thu 3.12. from 10 to 11 < last day to enroll 1.12.

The­se works­hops are held onli­ne with Teams. They are meant for all Kare­lia UAS stu­dents in their the­sis process regard­less of the degree pro­gram­me.

Enroll with this onli­ne form 

  • Enroll to the infor­ma­tion search works­hops ear­ly enough (2 work­days beforehand). 
  • You will get an email which inclu­des a link to the Teams meeting.
  • To get the most of the works­hops, you should have a com­pu­ter with a came­ra and a mic­rop­ho­ne (or headp­ho­nes with a microphone).

Infor­ma­tion search works­hops in Fin­nish: Check the dates and times