User educa­tion

Karelia UAS library guides you to library use and helps you to start infor­ma­tion retrievals. We encour­age you to the inde­pen­dent use of library collec­tions and services. You can famil­iar­ize your­self with the library use by watch­ing Library Info videos on YouTube. Ask guid­ance from library’s customer service:

  • chat on Karelia-Finna or on Tuudo (library’s page there)
  • email: library(at)
  • WhatsApp/tel: +358 50 311 9545 (within customer service hours)
  • library’s service desk at library (within its opening hours)

Library offers focused train­ing for using infor­ma­tion sources.

  • New students are welcome to partic­i­pate library infos and online course (more infor­ma­tion below).
  • The students writing their thesis are welcome to partic­i­pate Thesis work­shops and ask personal infor­ma­tion search guid­ance (more infor­ma­tion below).
  • The staff of Karelia UAS can ask train­ing (for them­selves or a student group) by email: library(at)

For more infor­ma­tion please contact: library(at)
See library’s help videos at library’s YouTube channel.

access eresources

Book infor­ma­tion search guid­ance time

You can book a personal guid­ance time from Microsoft Book­ings calen­dar. Login to service with your Karelia UAS email and pass­word. The time reserved for guid­ance is 45 minutes.

The infor­ma­tion search guid­ance in meant for Karelia UAS students in their Thesis process. If possi­ble, book the guid­ance time when you are start­ing your Thesis.

  • We guide you for example with: the search terms; data­base and search engine use; finding eBooks and other liter­acy from Karelia-Finna etc. 
  • If you have already started your Thesis, we can give you hints if you have prob­lems in finding rele­vant refer­ences for your Thesis.

Ms. Leena Väyry­nen and Mr. Pekka Malvela are the Infor­ma­tion Special­ists for infor­ma­tion search guid­ance in English (for example for IB’s and IM’s students).

Infor­ma­tion search work­shops online and on Tikkarinne and Wärt­silä Campuses

Library arranges infor­ma­tion search work­shops online and on Tikkarinne and Wärt­silä Campuses. To partic­i­pate, you can be study­ing in any degree programme of Karelia UAS. You can ask about infor­ma­tion searches, infor­ma­tion sources, search words etc. We will guide you! Welcome!

TIKKARINNE | WÄRTSILÄ (face-to-face work­shops at campuses), guid­ance in Finnish / English
You can partic­i­pate in either of two campus workshops.

Place: main lobby of Wärt­silä Campus, if nothing else is announced

  • Thu 8.2. at 9–11
  • Tue 9.4. at 9–11
  • Tue 7.5. at 9–11

Place: Solina room E126, if nothing else is announced

  • Thu 1.2. at 9–10.30
    Theme: Search terms/words
  • Tue 19.3. at 14-15.30
    Theme: Finnish arti­cles: Finna, Medic,,, printed jour­nals + refer­ence information
  • Mon 13.5. at 15–16.30
    Theme: Inter­na­tional arti­cles, Ebsco, etc.
  • Tue 4.6. at 14-15.30
    No specific theme

Notice: To get most of the work­shop, please bring your own laptop with you.

ONLINE (Teams meeting)

Infor­ma­tion search guide for inde­pen­dent use

Search and Find – Infor­ma­tion Searcher’s Journey – an infor­ma­tion search guide is your self-study mate­r­ial about infor­ma­tion search­ing from the begin­ning of your studies to the Thesis phase.