Welco­me to library

Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences Libra­ry is open for eve­ry­one. You do not have to stu­dy at the Kare­lia UAS to use libra­ry ser­vices. Plea­se fol­low the­se Libra­ry Rules (pdf), which have been done toget­her with our stu­dents [Libra­ry Rules as a docx file]. Down­load a free Libra­ry broc­hu­re (pdf).


How to get a libra­ry card

You need a per­so­nal libra­ry card to bor­row mate­rials. Libra­ry card is free. Fill in a regi­stra­tion form on web. We will send you an email, when your libra­ry card is rea­dy to pick up (1–2 work­days). Take an official ID card with you to get your libra­ry card.

As a libra­ry card, you can use the library’s own libra­ry card or POKA stu­dent card (if the­re is a barco­de) or the libra­ry card of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Eas­tern Finland.

The libra­ry card must be pre­sen­ted each time you bor­row mate­rial from the libra­ry. You are res­pon­sible for the mate­rial bor­rowed on your card. You can avoid over­due fines by retur­ning or renewing the bor­rowed items by the due date. The libra­ry will usual­ly send over­due and other notices by email to your Kare­lia email address.

As a libra­ry cus­to­mer you accept our bor­rowing rules, char­ges and libra­ry rules and regu­la­tions. Take a good care of your card. If you lose your card, plea­se inform us imme­dia­te­ly. Inform us if your con­tact infor­ma­tion changes.

You can be our cus­to­mer also wit­hout a libra­ry card. You are able to use our ebooks, ejour­nals and data­ba­ses at home, if you log in to Kare­lia‑Finna with Kare­lia UAS network user­na­me and password. No libra­ry card is nee­ded. At the libra­ry, you can read books and jour­nals, use com­pu­ters and stu­dy wit­hout a libra­ry card. Prin­ting and/or saving of the licenced elect­ro­nic mate­rial can be pro­hi­bi­ted for the other than Kare­lia UAS users.

Per­so­nal libra­ry account

After you have got your libra­ry card you can log in to your per­so­nal libra­ry account at Kare­lia-Fin­na. You are able to renew your loans and make requests.
Karelia’s student/staff: Log in to Kare­lia-Fin­na with your Kare­lia UAS network user­na­me and password. Con­nect your libra­ry card to your Kare­lia-Fin­na ID. See how to do it
Other cus­to­mer: Log in to Kare­lia-Fin­na by email address.

How to borrow

You can bor­row books and other libra­ry mate­rials by using self-ser­vice len­ding mac­hi­nes, or at cus­to­mer ser­vice. You must have a libra­ry card with you to bor­row libra­ry mate­rials.
The loan periods are fol­lowing: Books from gene­ral col­lec­tion: 4 weeks. Cour­se books and perio­dicals: 2 weeks. Refe­rence libra­ry books are not for loan — they are only meant to be read at library.

How to return books

You can return your loans by using self-ser­vice return shelf. If you have issues with your returns, you can return loans at the cus­to­mer ser­vice wit­hin its ope­ning hours.
You can also use library’s auto­ma­ted book return mac­hi­ne (out­si­de the libra­ry). It is loca­ted on the right from Tik­ka­rin­ne Cam­pus’ main ent­rance, along the down­hill walkway (map).
Bor­rowed items must be retur­ned or renewed on time (by the due date), otherwi­se the­re comes over­due fines.

How to renew

Renew your loans at Kare­lia-Fin­na on time to avoid over­due fees. You can also con­tact the libra­ry staff (by email/chat/phone or visit the libra­ry). We recom­mend that you renew loans onli­ne at Kare­lia-Fin­na.
You can not renew your loans if
- the items have been reques­ted by anot­her cus­to­mer
- you have 10 euro or more fees
- you have renewed your loans mul­tiple times wit­hin 365 days. That 365 days is the maxi­mum bor­rowing time with renewals, after that you will have to return the book to library.

How to make a request

You can make requests at Kare­lia-Fin­na or at the libra­ry. If any copies are avai­lable at the libra­ry (in shelf), the request fee (pick up from shelf) is 1 euro. Plea­se, check avai­la­bi­li­ty befo­re the request!

“On hold shelf” ‑notices are sent by email. After recei­ving the notice, you can pick up your request from the self-ser­vice shelf near­by the cus­to­mer service. 

The fee for an uncol­lec­ted/­not-cancel­led request is 1 euro per request.

You can cancel your request at Kare­lia-Fin­na, if the item is not rea­dy for pick up and you have not recei­ved a notice yet. If the item is rea­dy for pick up, con­tact the cus­to­mer ser­vice, to cancel your request.

Fees and fines

The libra­ry char­ges the pat­ron for over­due fines, unre­tur­ned mate­rial, and for dama­ged or lost libra­ry mate­rial. Check the price list.

You are res­pon­sible for the mate­rial bor­rowed on your card. Loans must be retur­ned or renewed by the due date. Fines for over­due items are char­ged after the due date. Over­due notices are sent by email.

You will lose your bor­rowing rights if you have 10 EUR unpaid fees or you have lost or dama­ged libra­ry mate­rials. You will regain your bor­rowing rights by retur­ning the bor­rowed items, paying the fees and replacing the lost or dama­ged mate­rials. A lost or dama­ged item must be replaced with an equi­va­lent item or by paying an amount deter­mi­ned by the libra­ry (the price for the item).

You can pay your over­due fees onli­ne by log­ging into your own cus­to­mer infor­ma­tion at Kare­lia-Fin­na. For unclear pay­ment mat­ters, plea­se con­tact the libra­ry prior to payment.