Welcome to library

Karelia Univer­sity of Applied Sciences Library is open for every­one. You do not have to study at the Karelia UAS to use library services. Please follow these Library Rules (pdf), which have been done together with our students [Library Rules as a docx file].


How to get a library card

You need a personal library card to borrow mate­ri­als. Library card is free. 

Karelia UAS students or staff:
You can use Tuudo’s elec­tronic library card. It is avail­able instantly after you fill in the regis­tra­tion details in Tuudo. Upload the Tuudo from your app store. Watch the guide video from here.

If you are not Karelia UAS student or staff, or you want a plastic library card:
Fill in a regis­tra­tion form on web. We will send you an email, when your library card is ready to pick up (1-2 work­days). Take an offi­cial ID card with you to get your library card.

As a library card, you can use the library’s own library card or POKA student card (if there is a barcode) or the library card of the Univer­sity of Eastern Finland.

The library card must be presented each time you borrow mate­r­ial from the library. You are respon­si­ble for the mate­r­ial borrowed on your card. You can avoid overdue fines by return­ing or renew­ing the borrowed items by the due date. The library will usually send overdue and other notices by email to your Karelia email address.

As a library customer you accept our borrow­ing rules, charges and library rules and regu­la­tions. Take a good care of your card. If you lose your card, please inform us imme­di­ately. Inform us if your contact infor­ma­tion changes.

You can be our customer also without a library card. You are able to use our ebooks, ejour­nals and data­bases at home, if you log in to Karelia-Finna with Karelia UAS network user­name and pass­word. No library card is needed. At the library, you can read books and jour­nals, use comput­ers and study without a library card. Print­ing and/or saving of the licenced elec­tronic mate­r­ial can be prohib­ited for the other than Karelia UAS users.

Personal library account

After you have got your library card you can log in to your personal library account at Karelia-Finna. You are able to renew your loans and make requests. 

  • Karelia’s student/staff: Log in to Karelia-Finna with your Karelia UAS network user­name and pass­word. Connect your library card to your Karelia-Finna ID. See how to do it
  • Other customer: Log in to Karelia-Finna by email address.

How to borrow

You can borrow books and other library mate­ri­als by using self-service lending machines, or at customer service. You must have a library card with you to borrow library mate­ri­als. The loan periods are following: 

  • Course books and periodicals/journals: 2 weeks.
  • Books from general collec­tion: 4 weeks. 
  • Refer­ence library books are not for loan – they are only meant to be read at library.

How to return books

You can return your loans by using self-service return shelf. If you have issues with your returns, you can return loans at the customer service within its opening hours. 

You can also use library’s auto­mated book return machine (outside the library). It is located on the right from Tikkarinne Campus’ main entrance, along the down­hill walkway (map).

  • Borrowed items must be returned or renewed on time (by the due date), other­wise there comes overdue fines.

How to renew

Renew your loans at Karelia-Finna or Tuudo on time to avoid overdue fees. You can also contact the library staff (by email/chat/phone or visit the library). We recom­mend that you renew loans at Tuudo or online at Karelia-Finna. You can not renew your loans if:

  • the items have been requested by another customer
  • you have 10 euro or more fees
  • you have renewed your loans multi­ple times within 365 days. That 365 days is the maximum borrow­ing time with renewals, after that you will have to return the book to library.

How to make a request

You can make requests by your­self at Karelia-Finna or by contact­ing the library. If any copies are avail­able at the library (in shelf), the request fee (pick up from shelf) is 1 euro. Please, check avail­abil­ity before the request! Only the requests for the loaned mate­ri­als are free of charge.

“On hold shelf” -notices are sent by email. After receiv­ing the notice, you can pick up your request from the self-service shelf nearby the customer service.

  • Request will always come into effect imme­di­ately. It cannot be set at a certain time into the future. 
  • If the requested mate­r­ial is on the shelf, it will be handled on the next working day morning (excep­tion: closure times). 
  • If you have made a request for the loaned mate­r­ial, it is valid imme­di­ately, but the “On hold shelf” notice will come to you after the requested mate­r­ial has returned from the loan to the library.

The fee for an uncol­lect­ed/not-cancelled request is 1 euro per request.

You can cancel your request at Karelia-Finna, if the item is not ready for pick up and you have not received a notice yet. If the item is ready for pick up, contact the customer service, to cancel your request.

Fees and fines

The library charges the patron for overdue fines, request fees, unre­turned mate­r­ial, and for damaged or lost library mate­r­ial. Check the price list.

You are respon­si­ble for the mate­r­ial borrowed on your card. Loans must be returned or renewed by the due date. Fines for overdue items are charged after the due date. Overdue notices are sent by email.

You will lose your borrow­ing rights if you have 10 EUR unpaid fees or you have lost or damaged library mate­ri­als. You will regain your borrow­ing rights by return­ing the borrowed items, paying the fees and replac­ing the lost or damaged mate­ri­als. A lost or damaged item must be replaced with an equiv­a­lent item or by paying an amount deter­mined by the library (the price for the item).

You can pay your overdue fees online by logging into your own customer infor­ma­tion at Karelia-Finna. For unclear payment matters, please contact the library prior to payment.