How to Apply (Stu­dent Exchange)

Applica­tions for the Spring semes­ter 2021

Applica­tion process

1) Fami­lia­rize your­self with the list of cour­ses offe­red for the exc­han­ge stu­dents
2) Fill in the onli­ne applica­tion form by 15 Octo­ber 2020.
3) Attach the fol­lowing docu­ments to the application:

  • Eras­mus lear­ning agree­ment for stu­dies, OR Eras­mus lear­ning agree­ment for trai­nees­hip (plea­se use the Eras­mus LA form of your own uni­ver­si­ty), OR Lear­ning agree­ment (for other than Eras­mus stu­dents). Your lear­ning / trai­ning agree­ment should be sig­ned by you and your inter­na­tio­nal coor­di­na­tor!
  • EU cur­ricu­lum vitae
  • Transc­ript of Records (cour­ses comple­ted so far)
  • Copy of ID or Pass­port
  • Moti­va­tion Let­ter (If you apply for a pro­ject or prac­tical trai­ning super­vi­sed by Kare­lia UAS). It is pos­sible also to add addi­tio­nal docu­ments if nee­ded.

After sub­mit­ting your applica­tion you will get a PIN code by email. This enables you to edit your applica­tion and add attach­ments to it during the applica­tion period. Plea­se note that some email pro­grams may move this kind of auto­ma­tical­ly gene­ra­ted emails to the junk mail. If you have lost your login details to our applica­tion sys­tem, plea­se con­tact mobi­li­ty (at)

Time­table and impor­tant information

  • Octo­ber to mid-Novem­ber 2020: Applica­tions are proces­sed at Kare­lia UAS
  • Novem­ber 2020: Let­ter of accep­tance, appro­ved lear­ning agree­ment and prac­tical infor­ma­tion is sent to the new exc­han­ge students
  • Novem­ber 2020: Apply for the accom­mo­da­tion from Stu­dent Housing Com­pa­ny Joen­suun Elli. Apply for visa /residence per­mit (if applicable) as soon as you have recei­ved the let­ter of accep­tance. Plea­se see the instruc­tions on Fin­nish Immi­gra­tion Ser­vice web­si­te.
  • Janua­ry 2021
    • Stu­dents should arri­ve in Joen­suu in the begin­ning of Janua­ry and be pre­pa­red for self-iso­la­tion/qua­ran­ti­ne of 10 days if reques­ted by the Fin­nish aut­ho­ri­ties. Plea­se check the upda­tes on Mini­stry for Foreign Affairs web­si­te.
    • Stu­dies begin with Orien­ta­tion days 7 — 8 Janua­ry 2021. Depen­ding on the situa­tion with COVID-19, the orien­ta­tion pro­gram­me and the first weeks of stu­dy may be imple­men­ted at least part­ly onli­ne. The inco­ming stu­dents will be infor­med about the arran­ge­ments and/or any chan­ges in due course.
  • Stu­dies at Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences
  • Teac­hing at Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences is most­ly car­ried out in Fin­nish. Cour­ses in English can be found here.

If you need furt­her infor­ma­tion on the avai­la­bi­li­ty and con­tents of the cour­ses or other pos­si­bi­li­ties, inclu­ding pro­jects and prac­tical place­ments, plea­se con­tact the depart­men­tal coordinators.

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