How to Apply (Student Exchange)

Academic year 2021-2022:
autumn semester or full academic year

Appli­cation process

1) Partner univer­sities nominate students for exchange by 15th April 2021. Link to the online nomination system was in Karelia’s inter­na­tional newsletter for partners (9th March 2021) and can be requested from
2) Karelia Inter­na­tional Office sends instruc­tions for next steps and the link to the online appli­cation to the nominated students by email.
3) Students: submit your online appli­cation (Karelia Exchange system) and upload the required documents in the system by 30th April 2021.
4) After submitting your appli­cation you will get a PIN code by email. This enables you to edit your appli­cation and add attach­ments to it during the appli­cation period (and during the exchange), if necessary.
Please note that some email programmes may move this kind of automat­i­cally generated emails to the junk mail. If you have lost your login details to our appli­cation system, please contact mobility(at)

Documents you need to attach to your online application

  • Transcript of Records in English (=courses completed so far)
  • Copy of ID or Passport
  • EU curriculum vitae
  • Learning agreement (please check the detailed infor­mation below; your appli­cation cannot be processed without the learning agreement)
  • (Motivation Letter. Needed only if you apply for a project or placement super­vised by Karelia UAS).

Learning agreement

Erasmus+ students from European countries:
Please use the online learning agreement (OLA), if possible! Your home university will guide you with the first steps. Complete the OLA during April. Once the OLA is signed by all parties (May-June), upload the PDF version of it to Karelia Exchange appli­cation system.
Tips for OLA:
– Karelia UAS in Finnish is Karelia Ammat­tiko­rkeakoulu Oy.
– The receiving respon­sible (signing) person is the depart­mental coordi­nator of your study field. (click)
– The receiving admin­is­trative person is Katriina Korhonen, Erasmus+ coordi­nator, email:

If your home university is not yet using OLA, please upload your Erasmus+ learning agreement for studies (signed by you and your home coordi­nator) as an attachment to your appli­cation in Karelia Exchange appli­cation system.

Other exchange students, please use the template here: Learning agreement.
Fill in the infor­mation on the Karelia courses you wish to select. Sign your learning / training agreement and ask your home university’s inter­na­tional coordi­nator to sign it. Upload the document to the Karelia Exchange appli­cation system by 30 April 2021.

Studies at Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Famil­iarize yourself with the list of courses offered for the exchange students. If you need further infor­mation e.g. on the suitability of the courses for you or possi­bil­ities of projects and practical place­ments, please contact the depart­mental coordinators.

Semester dates 2021-2022 for exchange students

  • Autumn semester: 19 August 2021 – 18 December 2021
  • Spring semester: 5 January 2022 – 29 May 2022

Timetable and important information

  • May to mid-June 2021:
    Appli­ca­tions are processed at Karelia UAS
  • June 2021:
    Letter of accep­tance and practical infor­mation is sent to the new exchange students, learning agreement is signed.
    You will be invited to the Facebook group for Karelia’s exchange students.
  • May-June 2021:
    Apply for the accom­mo­dation from Student Housing Company Joensuun Elli as soon as you have received infor­mation of accep­tance.
    Apply for visa /residence permit (if applicable) as soon as you have received the letter of accep­tance. Please see the instruc­tions on Finnish Immigration Service website.
  • August 2021
    • Students should arrive in Joensuu in mid-August (detailed instruc­tions will be confirmed later) and be prepared for self-isola­tion/quar­antine if requested by the Finnish authorities. 
    • Studies begin with Orien­tation days on 19th August (to be confirmed). Depending on the situation with COVID-19, the orien­tation programme and the first weeks of study may be imple­mented at least partly online. The incoming students will be informed about the arrange­ments and/or any changes in due course.

-> Link to the main page for exchange students.