Inter­na­tional office

Exchange studies and traineeships

Karelia has more than 100 partner insti­tu­tions in 30 different countries. Every year about 100 students from Karelia are either studying or doing practical training abroad and about 80 inter­na­tional students are studying or doing practical training at Karelia or in its partner organ­i­sa­tions or companies in the region. Karelia offers three English-instructed Bachelor degree programs and a number of courses and modules for incoming exchange students and partic­i­pates actively in devel­oping blended intensive programs (BIP) with its partners.

Outgoing students get infor­mation and support on their possi­bil­ities for student and trainee exchanges and other ways to inter­na­tion­alize themselves from the inter­na­tional coordi­nator of their study field. Studies or practical training completed abroad are fully credited towards student’s degree at Karelia.

Inter­na­tional Relations Coordi­nators
Ms. Antonia Stavridou
Outgoing and incoming students, TFK and Nordplus progammes
+358 50 3458262, mobility(at); [email protected]

Ms. Katriina Korhonen
Erasmus+ Insti­tu­tional coordi­nator, Erasmus+ agree­ments, Erasmus+ KA 131 and KA171 funding, EWP, staff mobility
+358 50 5855146, inter­na­tional (at); [email protected]