Open UAS Application

Admis­sion periods

16 — 30 Novem­ber 2020 at 3:00 pm
18 — 31 May 2021 at 3:00 pm


When you have comple­ted a mini­mum of 55 cre­dits of stu­dies applicable in the degree pro­gram­me you wish to apply to, you are eli­gible to apply through the Open UAS applica­tion. You do not need to have a Stu­dy Path Pro­gram­me sta­tus. Stu­dies can be comple­ted in any Open UAS in Finland.

The stu­dies men­tio­ned abo­ve inclu­de stu­dies in the cur­ricu­lum of that degree pro­gram­me or other stu­dies clo­se­ly rela­ted to the degree pro­gram­me in ques­tion. The requi­red amount of cre­dits must be comple­ted and regis­te­red in the transc­ript of records by 31 Dec 2020.

If you wish to make sure that your stu­dies are eli­gible to the degree pro­gram­me in ques­tion, con­tact to Kare­lia UAS Admis­sion Services.


Apply for at — Inter­na­tio­nal Business

If you are Kare­lia’s stu­dent, you don’t need to send your transc­ript of records. Otherwi­se upload a transc­ript of records (55 cre­dits) to your applica­tion. For furt­her infor­ma­tion, plea­se con­tact to Kare­lia UAS Admis­sion Services.

Stu­dent selec­tion criteria

The applicants will be put into order of aca­de­mic merits based on the gra­de ave­ra­ge of nume­rical gra­des in the transc­ript of records. Stu­dents applying for Degree Pro­gram­me in Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness must have a 2,00 gra­de ave­ra­ge in order to be accepted.

Admis­sion results