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Karelia University of Applied Sciences Library is open for everyone. The library is situated in the Tikkarinne Campus. The service desk is on the 1st floor, next to student restaurant Solina. You can contact us by email, by phone, by chat or you can visit the library (see the contact information). You can also follow us on Facebook. Welcome to the library!

Service promise

Welcome to the Karelia UAS library, which is open for everyone. We serve the students and personnel of Karelia UAS and other customers. We provide modern facilities and updated scientific and professional collections to support studying, teaching and research. We teach information seeking skills to our students and staff aiming at the skills needed at work. We develop our operations in cooperation with our customers and we take into account customer feedback.

Customer service principles

Our customer service principles are:

  • Our service is responsible, friendly, equal and effective.
  • We support our customers to use library’s service and to search information independently.
  • Our library is customer-friendly and we give customized service to our customers.
  • We inform our customers of our services active and guidance them to use library’s services and collections.
  • We collect customer feedback to improve and develop our services and to anticipate the future.


Library collections consist of scientific and professional books, databases, journals and audiovisual materials on the sucject areas of Karelia UAS. Library collections can be found on Finna. Anyone can make an acquisition proposal.

Karelia UAS staff orders for official use

Please use the staff order form to order books for official staff use. You can also contact the library acquisition team by email hankinta(at) The details needed when you make the order: as much information as possible of the title needed, how many copies, internal delivery address (to whom and where) and which degree programme/unit/project is the payer. 

Course books

Let us know what course books you use on your courses. Make a Course book acquisition suggestion.


Interlibrary loans

Price list

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Karelia-shop (in Finnish)