Joensuu’s Draft Program receives a special mention in promoting European entrepreneurship

The Draft Program – an entre­pre­neurship programme by the Karelia University of Applied Sciences – was given a special mention in the European Enter­prise Promotion Awards (EEPA). The Joensuu-based project was recog­nised for its innovation and creativity in dissem­i­nating local good practices to other entre­pre­neurs starting in the area.

The Draft Program is a small but innov­ative joint entre­pre­neurship programme of five educa­tional insti­tu­tions in eastern Finland. The programme provides micro­fi­nance and coaching to students, staff and alumni teams. The programme has developed an operating model for exper­i­mental entre­pre­neurship, where each client team is considered a research expedition that produces locally relevant infor­mation on the sector. The entre­pre­neurial coaches, i.e. the devel­opers of exper­i­mental entre­pre­neurship, will transform the lessons learned from team work into so-called useful publi­ca­tions. These publi­ca­tions are practical blogs, videos, podcasts and guides that dissem­inate local sector-specific practices to other new businesses in the region. About a dozen companies have been born out of the programme in recent years. 

This year, a total of 47 projects from 28 countries took part in the EEPA compe­tition in six series. The purpose of the compe­tition is to present the best practices and approaches to promoting entre­pre­neurship. Another aim is to raise awareness of entre­pre­neurship and to encourage more people to become entre­pre­neurs. This is the 15th time that the European Commission will award the annual EEPA prize.

The compe­tition finalists and projects receiving a special mention were displayed at the SME Assembly, which was held in Slovenia on 15–17 November.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment