Karelia UAS actively monitors the situation with the coronavirus and the related instructions from the authorities and acts accordingly. Karelia UAS campuses are closed with some exceptions.

  • We will continue distance work and studies until 31st July 2020.
  • Student health care services on Tikkarinne campus are not available.
  • The gym and other possible sports facilities are not available. The gym will be opened on 3 August 2020.
  • Karelia UAS student restaurants are closed until August 2020. Solina will be opened to customers on Monday 10 August 2020 and Wire 24 August 2020. Information on open student restaurants in Joensuu area is available in the news section of Student Portal Pakki. (N.B! Logging in is required outside Karelia UAS network)

Academic year 2020-2021 starts on a normal schedule

New students begin their autumn semester in the last week of August. Students continuing their studies begin their studies at the beginning of September. However, social and health care students as well as some forestry students will already begin their studies in the middle of August. In addition, contact teaching periods for some multimodal educations will already take place in August. Any possible changes in study arrangements will be announced field-specifically.

Return to campuses and preparing for restrictions

The aim for both students and the staff is to return to campuses at the beginning of the academic year as normally as possible. However, we are prepared for the continuation of restrictions that may be caused by the coronavirus pandemic still in the autumn semester. These restrictions may include, for example, limiting the size of student groups in classrooms, dividing bigger student groups into smaller groups, implementing some parts of contact teaching as online studies, and having contact lectures between 8am and 6pm.

International cooperation is implemented in different form

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, international mobility has been widely restricted. As a result, incoming students in English-mediated degree programmes (International Business and Industrial Management) start their studies as distance learning. International student exchanges (including both incoming and outgoing students) have also been cancelled during the autumn semester. Karelia’s first priority is to ensure the safety of the students and ensure safety and well-being of the whole higher education community.

Entrance exams

According to national guidelines, entrance exams will be held in two parts in June. The first part will be held on 4th June 2020 as a remote, digital test. The second part will be held on 23rd – 25th June 2020 on UAS campuses across the country. (Read more)

Karelia UAS services and contact teaching as of 14th May

  • Teaching in small groups is allowed with certain restrictions on campuses and outside in the field. This mainly concerns nursing, forestry, media and environmental engineering educations.
  • The Exam room for electronic exams will be opened on Tikkarinne campus. Social distances and proper hygiene will be ensured.
  • Laboratory internships within RDI projects will be enabled for graduating students and for students whose practical training periods have been agreed in advance.

The library is closed from 13.6. until the beginning of August. Read more here.

Appointments with the Student Welfare Officer are online. You can book an appointment as before, using the electronic appointment calendar. The Student Welfare Officer will contact you before the booked time to agree on whether to use Skype, phone or Teams. Student Welfare Officer Päivi Laakkonen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. +358 50 461 9251

More information on the services of Student Union Poka is at

Student Services operates only on line. Read more here.

Karelia UAS recovery plan for the students’ recovery rrom the Coronavirus crisis

 This plan includes the Karelia recovery plan's

  • purpose and goals
  • responsibilities
  • measures
  • contact persons

 Read the recovery plan here (N.B! Logging in is required outside Karelia UAS network)

If you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus

Infections can be prevented with good hand hygiene and proper cough hygiene.

If you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus, stay home and contact your hospital/health care center by phone. Student, if you have to be absent from studies because of a respiratory infection, it is important that you inform your teacher tutor by phone or email as soon as possible. You must not enter school premises if you are sick.

Fill in this form if you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus.

Emergency services: tel. 116 117 (24h)

Health care centres: Siilainen tel. (013) 330 2211, Rantakylä tel. (013) 330 2212, Niinivaara tel. (013) 330 2213

Student health care services are available by phone from Monday to Friday at 7:30-15:00, tel. (013) 330 2841.

National hotline 0295 535 535 provides general information on the coronavirus on weekdays at 8 am-9 pm and on Saturdays at 9 am - 3 pm. No individual health counselling or counselling for acute symptoms is provided by the hotline.