Pre-task instruc­tions for Online entrance exami­nation – Inter­na­tional Business

A pre-task is a part of the Online entrance exami­nation of Inter­na­tional Business. Follow the instruc­tions and return your pre-task to the appli­cation form by 27 January 2021 at 15.00. Please note, that invita­tions to the written part of the Online entrance exami­nation will be only sent to the appli­cants, who have submitted the requested pre-task to the appli­cation form on time.

Instruc­tions for creating your video

Welcome to start the entrance exam for business studies (BBA). We would like to know who you are and why you decided to apply to study business. Please read the instruc­tions below carefully and then record your 2-minute video.

  • Deadline: The video must be uploaded to Studyinfo latest by 15.00 Finnish time on Wednesday 27 January 2021. Please make sure that you have enough time to upload your video to Studyinfo. The upload time is dependent on your broadband width.
    • Length: The maximum length of your video is 2 minutes.
    • Device: You can record the video using e.g. your laptop camera or your mobile phone
    • Content: Make a good plan for your video before you start recording it, and make sure you cover the topics required in the instruc­tions. You can use your creativity and show something of your person­ality when telling us who you are and why you want to study business
    • Environment: Adjust the lighting if needed. Make sure that light comes from in front of you so that your face is well illumi­nated, not from behind you or from the side.
    • In the 2-minute video we expect you to cover the following four topics
      • In short, tell us who you are and where you come from.
      • Why do you want to study business? What are the reasons why you think business is the right study field for you?
      • What do you know about the business programme(s) you are applying for?
      • Do you enjoy working in teams? What example of your team working skills can you give? Your example…

Instruc­tions for uploading your video

  • You are asked to submit your video to Studyinfo latest by 15.00 Finnish time on 27 January.
    • Upload your video as an attachment to your appli­cation in Studyinfo before the deadline.
    • Make sure that your video is saved as one of the next most common video formats (mp4, mov, wmv).
    • Maximum file size is 1.0 GB.
    • Upload the actual video to Studyinfo not e.g. a link to Youtube.

The evalu­ation of your video: 

When assessing your video, we will be focusing on:

  1. Your motivation towards business studies
  2. The contents of your video related to the questions mentioned above
  3. Your presen­tation skills
  4. Your English language skills