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Karelia University of Applied Sciences Library is a scientific library open for everyone. We provide the personnel and students of Karelia UAS an access to professional and scientific information and support learning, teaching and research at the Karelia UAS. The library is situated in the Tikkarinne Campus. Welcome to the library!

Changes in Library fees from 1st June 2018

Karelia UAS Library has updated its price list based on customer feedback.

The overdue fee for course books is 1 euro/item/day.
The overdue fee for the books/magazines of Library's general collection is 0,20 euro/item/day.

The reserving of the item is still free, but the processing fee for an uncollected or not-cancelled reservation is 1 euro per reservation.

You can avoid fees by renewing or returning your loans and canceling your reservations in time.
You can make loan renewals and the cancellations of unannounced reservations at Karelia-Finna by yourself.

How to cancel the reservation of which the notice has already been sent to you:

  • Do the cancellation by the last pick up date - by that way you do not get the 1-euro fee.
  • You can reply to the notice email or contact Library by phone, text or WhatsApp message or chat.
  • Please notice, we reply to the messages only during the customer service hours.

MarthaBalerina Tulikettu

© Martha Balerina / Tulikettu 2015 - The original painting is on the library’s 2nd floor. (200 cm X 100 cm oil)