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Karelia Univer­sity of Applied Sciences Library is open for every­one. The library is situ­ated in the Tikkarinne Campus. The library is next to the student restau­rant Solina. You can contact us by email, by phone, by chat or you can visit the library (see the contact infor­ma­tion). You can also follow us on Insta­gram. Welcome to the library!

Service promise

Welcome to the Karelia UAS library, which is open for every­one. We serve the students and person­nel of Karelia UAS and other customers. We provide modern facil­i­ties and updated scien­tific and profes­sional collec­tions to support study­ing, teach­ing and research. We teach infor­ma­tion seeking skills to our students and staff aiming at the skills needed at work. We develop our oper­a­tions in coop­er­a­tion with our customers and we take into account customer feedback.

Customer service principles

Our customer service prin­ci­ples are:

  • Our service is respon­si­ble, friendly, equal and effective.
  • We support our customers to use library’s service and to search infor­ma­tion independently.
  • Our library is customer-friendly and we give customized service to our customers.
  • We inform our customers of our services active and guid­ance them to use library’s services and collections.
  • We collect customer feed­back to improve and develop our services and to antic­i­pate the future.


Library collec­tions consist of scien­tific and profes­sional books, data­bases, jour­nals and audio­vi­sual mate­ri­als on the subject areas of Karelia UAS. You will find our library’s collec­tions on Karelia-Finna. Anyone can make an acqui­si­tion proposal.

Do you have print disability?

If you have print disabil­ity, you are able to get access to Celia books collec­tion. Celia produces and distrib­utes liter­a­ture in acces­si­ble formats, such as talking books and braille books. Please first contact Student Welfare Offi­cers, after that contact library’s customer service and make an appoint­ment to get access to Celia.

Print disabil­ity is a condi­tion related to blind­ness, visual impair­ment, specific learn­ing disabil­ity or other phys­i­cal condi­tion in which the student needs an alter­na­tive or special­ized format (i.e., Braille, Large Print, Audio, Digital text) in order to access and gain infor­ma­tion from conven­tional printed mate­ri­als (source:

Inter­li­brary loans

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Price list

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