Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences Libra­ry is open for eve­ry­one. The libra­ry is situa­ted in the Tik­ka­rin­ne Cam­pus. The cus­to­mer ser­vice is on the 1st floor, next to stu­dent res­tau­rant Soli­na. You can con­tact us by email, by pho­ne, by chat or you can visit the libra­ry (see the con­tact infor­ma­tion). You can also fol­low us on Face­book and Ins­ta­gram. Welco­me to the library!

Ser­vice promise

Welco­me to the Kare­lia UAS libra­ry, which is open for eve­ry­one. We ser­ve the stu­dents and per­son­nel of Kare­lia UAS and other cus­to­mers. We pro­vi­de modern faci­li­ties and upda­ted scien­ti­fic and pro­fes­sio­nal col­lec­tions to sup­port stu­dying, teac­hing and research. We teach infor­ma­tion see­king skills to our stu­dents and staff aiming at the skills nee­ded at work. We deve­lop our ope­ra­tions in coo­pe­ra­tion with our cus­to­mers and we take into account cus­to­mer feedback.

Cus­to­mer ser­vice principles

Our cus­to­mer ser­vice principles are:

  • Our ser­vice is res­pon­sible, friend­ly, equal and effective.
  • We sup­port our cus­to­mers to use library’s ser­vice and to search infor­ma­tion independently.
  • Our libra­ry is cus­to­mer-friend­ly and we give cus­to­mized ser­vice to our customers.
  • We inform our cus­to­mers of our ser­vices acti­ve and gui­dance them to use library’s ser­vices and collections.
  • We col­lect cus­to­mer feed­back to impro­ve and deve­lop our ser­vices and to antici­pa­te the future.


Libra­ry col­lec­tions con­sist of scien­ti­fic and pro­fes­sio­nal books, data­ba­ses, jour­nals and audio­vi­sual mate­rials on the sub­ject areas of Kare­lia UAS. You will find our libra­ry’s col­lec­tions on Kare­lia-Fin­na. Any­one can make an acqui­si­tion pro­po­sal.

Do you have print disability?

If you have print disa­bi­li­ty, you are able to get access to Celia books col­lec­tion. Celia pro­duces and distri­bu­tes lite­ra­tu­re in acces­sible for­mats, such as tal­king books and brail­le books. Plea­se first con­tact Stu­dent Wel­fa­re Officer Päi­vi Laak­ko­nen, after that con­tact library’s cus­to­mer ser­vice and make an appoint­ment to get access to Celia.

Print disa­bi­li­ty is a con­di­tion rela­ted to blind­ness, visual impair­ment, speci­fic lear­ning disa­bi­li­ty or other phy­sical con­di­tion in which the stu­dent needs an alter­na­ti­ve or specia­lized for­mat (i.e., Brail­le, Lar­ge Print, Audio, Digi­tal text) in order to access and gain infor­ma­tion from con­ven­tio­nal prin­ted mate­rials (source:

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