Karelia UAS advice and study oppor­tu­nities for people fleeing from Ukraine and others granted inter­na­tional protection

In response to the human­i­tarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, Karelia University of Applied Sciences offers extra services and study oppor­tu­nities for those who have been granted or applied for and waiting for a decision for temporary protection in Finland under the EU Temporary Protection Directive. 

If you have a valid right to study at Ukrainian university and your studies have discon­tinued because of the war, you can apply for a separate study right in one of Karelia’s two English taught degrees: Bachelor of Engineering, Degree Programme in Indus­trial Management or Bachelor of Business Admin­is­tration, Degree Programme in Inter­na­tional Business. If you want to discuss this possi­bility further, please contact simhe(at)

Karelia provides free of charge open UAS studies for people fleeing Ukraine and other people who have been granted inter­na­tional protection. Autumn courses are mainly held on campus and include for example Welcome to Finland! – Terve­tuloa Suomeen! and Finnish language courses. Enrollment for Autumn semester courses is now open. For more infor­mation and to enroll on our courses, please visit

Karelia UAS also provides Guidance and Counselling Service SIMHE-Karelia. The staff of SIMHE-Karelia provide personal guidance for immigrants inter­ested in higher education studies. Support will be provided regarding the practices used in the recog­nition of prior learning as well as guidance in career planning for those immigrants who have already completed some higher education studies before.  More infor­mation and to book your personal guidance and counselling session visit