Exc­han­ge Students

Inco­ming exc­han­ge students

Kare­lia Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences looks forward to welco­ming exc­han­ge stu­dents for the Spring Semes­ter 2021!

Disco­ver the high qua­li­ty of Fin­nish educa­tion and pure Scan­di­na­vian nature!

We welco­me approxi­ma­te­ly 110 exhan­ge stu­dents in eve­ry year. Stu­dents
come from our part­ner uni­ver­si­ties in Euro­pe, Rus­sia, Asia, South Ame­rica and Canada.

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Joen­suu is a stu­dent capi­tal of eas­tern Fin­land and all you need is only walk away. Joen­suu is also the live­ly capi­tal of the North Kare­lia region. Here we have the relaxed and social Kare­lian lifes­ty­le, the joy of life being its dis­tinc­ti­ve natu­re. Approxi­ma­te­ly 25 % of Joen­suu inha­bi­tants are stu­dents. Kare­lia has its own Stu­dent Union POKA and in town you find also Eras­mus Stu­dent Network Joen­suu, which offers lots of activities.

The stu­dent housing com­pa­ny Joen­suun Elli pro­vi­des stu­dents with flats ran­ging from affor­dable sha­red flats to single-room stu­dios. Exc­han­ge stu­dents are nor­mal­ly offe­red fur­nis­hed rooms in sha­red flats. You can easi­ly reach both the city cent­re and your cam­pus by bike or by bus.

More infor­ma­tion about living and prac­tical mat­ters on Welco­ming Gui­de and Kare­lia’s Stu­dent life website

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